The Delta Pearl 3 — Face

All aboard the Delta Pearl along with a mixed bag of other passengers who seem to be well heeled and bejeweled. Émeraude beautifully attired as befits her name, is the face of the ship and crew, an honour that she is uncertain does not raise certain concerns about the need for iced tea with added herbal stimulants… Head over and enjoy the boarding party…and meet more of the crew at the same time. #recommended

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Saturday, August 17, 2019

Welcome, my chuckaboos!  Even though we don’t see one another face-to-face, I do feel you are my dear friends.

jenna-coleman-as-emeraudeJenna Coleman, my original Émeraude

Regardless of physical appeal — and I acknowledge the endlessly different standards of beauty, faces are usually important to how we imagine stories.  Whether we’re writing tales or reading them, seeing a character’s face helps. No matter whether it is handsome or ugly.

When I found the steampunk image that is the basis for the cover of The Delta Pearl, the woman made me think of Jenna Coleman, pictured above.  I saw her as Émeraude.

However, as I began this serial, a re-write of the unfinished novel (and revamped the look of this blog), I ran across the image of the steampunk girl in my banner. (Thank you Pixabay.)  The young girl in my banner reminded me of the Claudia Donovan…

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