Smorgasbord – Something to Think About – Paraskevidekatriaphobics – Have no fear – Friday 13th is lucky for some….Sally Cronin

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Paraskevidekatriaphobics – Have no fear – Friday 13th is lucky for some

I want to be careful here because I have yet to do the weekly shop which involves driving to the supermarket and home again.  However, I like to think that Friday 13th is not unlucky for me since I was born on Friday 13th (of February).  

Touching wood and searching for 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

Certainly it proved quite lucky for my mother as her first two births had been quite a bit longer than expected.  This time, my father was actually based ashore and was home at 4pm when my mother went into labour.

She was booked into a nursing home in Winchester so they piled into the car and started the 20 mile journey certain that they had several hours in hand.  The only hiccup was having to follow an army truck full of soldiers for several miles along windy country roads, but never one to miss an opportunity for a flirt, my heavily pregnant mother, by all accounts, spent the time waving to them as they blew kisses in her direction.

My father was quite pragmatic when it came to such harmless behaviour but was probably sweating and swearing by now, as he tried to find a safe place to overtake.

Eventually, they arrived at the nursing home and my mother was admitted only to find that, Sally Georgina was in a hurry and I popped out like a shelled pea (my mother’s words not mine) at 6pm.

There have been quite a few Friday 13ths in the last 66 years (106) according to my calculations….and thankfully to date I have found them to be causes for celebration not only of my day of birth but events and surprises. (The Euromillions numbers are already picked)

Anyway, because of my personal interest, I have over the years spent some time researching the reasons behind the fears that we have for Friday 13th.

Several cultures have feared both the day and the number.

  • Ancient Vikings were concerned that Loki the God of Mischief would make up the numbers around the dinner table
  • Hindus also did not like that number assembled for a meal.
  • The Last Supper had 13 guests
  • The crucifixion took place on a Friday.

Since no-one was actually there to verify, it is difficult to confirm that it was a Friday 13th that Eve tempted Adam with the apple, but I won’t let the facts get in the way of a good story.

Today many people will not have 13 guests around the table, and in restaurants and hotels for example, there mayl not be a 13th floor, table, bedroom etc. Not necessarily because the organisations are superstitious but because their guests are.  Hard to sell a hotel room number 13 on the 13th floor!

However, some ancient cultures revered the number including the Chinese and Egyptians. 

They believed that 13 represented the afterlife, but in a good way, because that is where you would obtain your riches and reverence. (So much for my Euromillions win in this life then!)

Allegedly in more modern times, male dominated religious orders objected to the number 13 since it was revered in Goddess worship, prehistoric cultures – and was therefore heavily associated with female power.

Girl power is not a 20th century invention, we simply reclaimed it.

Whatever the reasons and stories behind this distrust of the date, there is no doubt that millions of people around the world, in many cultures have definite views and extreme fears concerning their activities today.

However, in Spain it is not Friday that bears the brunt of the fear.. as it is Tuesday 13th which needs to be avoided.

However you can make it work to your advantage.

My husband was happy that there were Paraskevidekatriaphobics.   He booked his driving test in 1979 and was given a date several weeks ahead, so he told them he would take any Friday 13th cancellations, and within a week he was driving away with a pass.

That is also a useful tip when trying to see a specialist in a more timely manner or scheduling an operation.. Friday 13th for some reason usually has free time slots!

I have no idea what today will bring.  But then when do we ever know, on any day of the week, on any date!

One of my tips for countering Paraskevidekatriaphobia – Get yourself a black cat.  The Pet Collective

If you don’t see me next week, then you might consider whether those lottery numbers were lucky.. on the other hand….

If you would like to know in advance the Friday 13th dates for the years to come to embrace or avoid…check it out:

Enjoy the day and the weekend… thanks for dropping…Sally   🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀

50 thoughts on “Smorgasbord – Something to Think About – Paraskevidekatriaphobics – Have no fear – Friday 13th is lucky for some….Sally Cronin

  1. Ah Sally, some interesting ideas here. I thought Friday 13th suspicions had something to do with the Knights Templar. I must look that up. I have never been superstitious, ever! Until I had contact with the demon in the Edinburgh vaults recently. I must write that story.

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  2. A great post! We have had a number of black cats over the years and my son’s dog was born on Friday 13th, there was a 13 on his dog tag, his collar size was 13 and he lived 13 years. It isn’t a nice Friday 13th in our part of Spain as it is torrential rain, wind and floods. Yikes!

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  3. It was Friday 13th I walked into the job centre and asked to do a secretarial TOPPS course, which led to my job with Oxfam and then to working overseas for many years. I don’t think I’ve experienced such a life-changing Friday 13th since that one. Who knows what today might bring – maybe I should nip out and buy a lottery ticket?

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  4. If I don’t see you here, that better mean you’re on your way and making a pitstop to pick me up! LOLOL. So we were both born at dinnertime 6pm it seems. Just one more thing we have in common Sal. Loved the story of your birth. ❤ xox

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