Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – #NewBloggers – Thou shalt buy thy round – Cheers, Govanhill

This series of Posts from Your Archives is exclusively for blogs that are under a year old. It is an opportunity to meet new readers and to show off your writing skills.. All the details are in this post along with some tips on how to make your blog more reader friendly.

This is the first post from Peter Mohan who blogs at Cheers, Govanhill as his alter ego .. Boy David…I thought in this first post I would let Peter introduce Govanhill to you to set the scene for the other posts

Thou shalt buy thy round

Photo of the mural at the Clutha bar, with Glasgow people including Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Billy Connolly, Alex Harvey, Gerry Rafferty and Frankie Miller

What makes Govanhill unique is being part of Glasgow.

Same with Oatlands, Easterhouse and Blairdardie.

The best thing about them all is the city they’re attached to.

Glasgow’s like an independent city state and I’m like a partisan. Cheers, Ruchazie. Cheers, Barmulloch. Cheers, Partick Cross. You too, Govanhill.

The great villages of Glasgow and the grand thoroughfares that run through them.

Victoria Road, Alexandra Parade, Paisley Road West, Duke Street.

Unmissable day trips on your doorstep.

The art deco cinemas and Victorian burgh halls, municipal parks and swimming baths. And public libraries too, havens for self-educated men and women, a place of silence away from the noise and the clutter of the house.

These great villages had their own football teams, Benburb, St Anthony’s, St Roch’s. Sometimes their own newspapers, Springburn Herald, Govan Press, Rutherglen Reformer.

The same rows of boutique shops, cafes and bars and diverse populations, just like Govanhill.

Indian and Pakistani in Ibrox and Pollokshields, Irish in the Gorbals and the Garngad, Italians in Dennistoun and Yoker, Chinese in Garnethill.

And the people. Salt of the earth, rough diamonds, cracking jokes singing songs, ready to pick a fight at a moment’s notice.

And our most important commandment.

Thou shalt buy thy round.

So cheers, mother Glasgow. And welcome home, Govanhill.

©Peter Mohan 2019

About Peter Mohan

My name’s Peter Mohan, I live and work in Glasgow, Scotland.

Cheers, Govanhill is a semi-fictional blog from Glasgow’s most cosmopolitan and endlessly-fascinating neighbourhood.

It’s a humorous, sometimes dark, account of inner-city life by fictional narrator, Boy David.
He casts an affectionate, surreal eye on the area from his tenement, with stories of gentrification, brontosaurus cutlets, the filthy habits of west of Scotland dead man and how New York stole all its ideas from Govanhill.

It’s all true, although I might have made a lot of it up.

Connect to Peter


I am sure that you are going to enjoy Peter’s posts over the coming weeks.. please head over and check out his archive.. thanks Sally.


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