Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Friday October 4th 2019 – Pete Springer, Beth I Didn’t Have my Glasses on, Janet Gogerty and Jim Borden

This series is an opportunity to showcase posts from around our community and the brilliant bloggers who share with us. It would be amazing if you would follow the links to the post I have highlighted and whilst visiting follow and support the blogger.

The first post today is from Pete Springer who woke up to find that his fence was badly damaged… however, all is not as it may seem and as the day wore on, and evidence came to light, the damage was put into the category of Minor Inconveniences.

We woke up this morning to see that our still relatively new redwood fence (just over a year old) had been thoroughly mashed. When I came in to tell my wife what I had discovered, she remembered hearing a sound that woke her up in the night. I slept through the entire incident. Our neighbors have gently backed into the fence a couple of times, but they have taken responsibility and repaired the damage themselves.

This accident was no minor fender bender; one of the fence posts had broken in two. Knowing there wasn’t much room even to back up a car fast, it was hard to imagine how it had happened.

Some crimes are more troubling than others. Hit and run is one of those types that bothers me. I still remember coming out of a store when I was twenty-years-old and found that somebody had broadsided my beloved first car—my pumpkin orange Chevy Nova.

Head over to Pete’s post to discover how the rest of the story unfolds:

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The next post is from Beth of I Didn’t Have My Glasses On... and shares the news that in Japan KitKat will have another look and one that is better for the environment...Origami and Chocolate

it’s important we each do our part to help Mother Earth

and here is a way we can all pitch in,

with two of my favorite things on this earth,

paper and chocolate.

you are welcome.

Japanese KitKats Are Replacing Plastic Packaging

with Origami Paper You Can Turn into Cranes!

From plant-based, bio-plastic Lego to Adidas’s first fully recyclable running shoe, companies worldwide are working hard to make their products and packaging more sustainable. Last year, food and drink manufacturer Nestle announced that it plans to use 100% recyclable packaging for its products by 2025. As part of that goal, nestle Japan recently released new packaging for its popular miniature KitKat chocolate bars, which will now be wrapped in origami paper instead of plastic.

“Plastic waste is one of the biggest sustainability issues the world is facing today,” Nestlé CEO Mark Schneider says “Tackling it requires a collective approach. We are committed to finding improved solutions to reduce, re-use and recycle.” Japan is the biggest market for KitKats, with 4 million being sold every day. By swapping out the candy bar’s shiny plastic wrap for eco-friendly matte paper, Nestlé expects to cut down on roughly 380 tons of plastic each year.

Head over and read the rest of the post, and perhaps KitKats worldwide might follow suit, as origami is a wonderful art that children could benefit from:

Find out more about Beth:

 Janet Gogerty takes us on a tour of the lovely Yorkshire harbour town of Whitby… get your climbing boots on though..The 199 Steps…

Whitby is a scenic harbour town on the east coast of Yorkshire; the harbour piers face north so it has an east and west cliff, both of which are worth clambering up. You don’t have to climb the cliff face, you can arrive at the west cliff hotels or the east cliff abbey ruins by coach, bus or car, but it is more interesting to tread the many paths and steps that wind upwards. Count Dracula took such a route up the east cliff after his ship was blown off course in the north sea. Disguised as a black dog he ran up the 199 steps to the church of St. Mary and the ruins of St. Hilda’s Abbey, thus creating a tourist attraction for the fitter holiday maker.

Head over and enjoy the rest of the photographic tour:

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And finally today an inspiring post from Jim Borden about the MacArthur Foundation and one of this year’s recipients, Lisa Daugaard, a Criminal Justice Reformer who has established an effective programme to work with those who are arrested for minor drug crimes.

Every year, the MacArthur Foundation selects between 20 and 30 individuals as MacArthur Fellows, commonly referred to as Genius Grant winners.

The MacArthur Fellows Program is intended to encourage people of outstanding talent to pursue their own creative, intellectual, and professional inclinations. In keeping with this purpose, the Foundation awards fellowships directly to individuals rather than through institutions. Recipients may be writers, scientists, artists, social scientists, humanists, teachers, entrepreneurs, or those in other fields, with or without institutional affiliations. They may use their fellowship to advance their expertise, engage in bold new work, or, if they wish, to change fields or alter the direction of their careers.

Although nominees are reviewed for their achievements, the fellowship is not a lifetime achievement award, but rather an investment in a person’s originality, insight, and potential. Indeed, the purpose of the MacArthur Fellows Program is to enable recipients to exercise their own creative instincts for the benefit of human society.

Please head over to find out more about the MacArthur Foundation, Lisa Daugaard and the LEAD programme, which sounds like it should be applied across jurisdictions:

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Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full.. more next week. thanks Sally


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