Smorgasbord Music Column – My favourite songs from the Movies – Flashdance – What a Feeling.

This week I have selected a song from a movie that inspired a generation of dancers.

I have watched this movie several times and never tire of the story or the music… and in fact having been listening to the soundtrack today, I am going to watch the film all over again.

About the Movie.

Alexandra “Alex” Owens (Jennifer Beals) is an eighteen-year-old welder at a steel mill in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who lives with her dog, Grunt in a converted warehouse. Although she aspires to become a professional dancer, she has no formal dance training, and works as an exotic dancer by night at Mawby’s, a neighborhood bar and grill which hosts a nightly cabaret.

The film follows Alex as she pursues her dreams to become a professional ballet dancer, and to form a romantic relationship with her boss played by Michael Nouri. Apart from incredible dancing and great music, there is an action packed story line with the streets of Pittsburgh as a backdrop.

“What a Feeling” from Flashdance (1983) was performed by Irene Cara who wrote the lyrics with Keith Forsey. The music was composed by Italian Giorgio Moroder.  Irene Cara had also performed the Oscar and Golden Globe theme from “Fame” and won another Oscar and Grammy for this track too.

“What a Feeling” was just one outstanding song from the soundtrack and I have all of them on my playlist today. If I was to pick my favourites….

  • He’s a Dream by Shandi
  • Lady, Lady, Lady by Joe ‘Bean’ Esposito
  • Romeo by Donna Summer
  • Maniac by Michael Sembello

You can buy the original soundtrack from Amazon:

and you can rent or buy the movie:

I hope you have enjoyed this brief musical interlude in your week… thanks for tuning in.

Please share your favourite movie music in the comments and I hope you have enjoyed a little nostalgia.. more in two weeks time.. thanks for tuning in .. Sally



38 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Music Column – My favourite songs from the Movies – Flashdance – What a Feeling.

  1. This was a fun movie! My older daughter was an early teen when this craze hit (the cut off sweats and all:) and for her birthday sleepover we rented a VCR (didn’t have one of our own yet) and this movie. Such memories of those girls dancing around!

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  2. I loved “Flashdance!” It’s one of those movies I could watch again and again. Another song along the same lines was “Stayin’ Alive” on “Saturday Night Fever.” I always loved that one too.

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