Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – #NewBloggers – Why Govanhill is just like the south of France – Cheers, Govanhill

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This is the final  post from Peter Mohan who blogs at Cheers, Govanhill as his alter ego .. Boy David. We have these South of France moment here in Ireland too, all to rarely it seems but even with the sound of traffic on the road in front of us, it feels like a bit of paradise..

Why Govanhill is just like the south of France

a deckchair pictured below the M74 motorway extension in Govanhill

Open space in Govanhill, like a midwestern prairie or the vast Russian steppes.

A wee acre of green grass below the motorway flyover. The most expensive stretch of road in Europe at the time. Half a billion for five miles, ten thousand per inch. I know, because I counted it.

With a deckchair and sun cream and a book I’m not reading it’s a good place to sit in peace.

Faint clatter, muffled rumble, a hundred and fifty thousand vehicles a day overhead.

It could be a tomato field in the south of France. All that’s missing is a genial farmer with overalls and mutton chops and a stalk of grass in his mouth. A few cows in the pastures, free range geese in the meadow.

The flyover slices through the south side on forty-foot stilts but is somehow discreet, almost unobtrusive.

Reminds me of the city growing up, motorway roundabouts and slip roads, pedestrian tunnels and off ramps, non place dead spaces under concrete bridges.

Dry miles of road with signs and directions and people in control of their own destiny.

Don’t know if I am. In control of my own destiny, that is.

Doesn’t look like it from down here.

Cheers, Govanhill.

©Peter Mohan 2019

About Peter Mohan

My name’s Peter Mohan, I live and work in Glasgow, Scotland.

Cheers, Govanhill is a semi-fictional blog from Glasgow’s most cosmopolitan and endlessly-fascinating neighbourhood.

It’s a humorous, sometimes dark, account of inner-city life by fictional narrator, Boy David.
He casts an affectionate, surreal eye on the area from his tenement, with stories of gentrification, brontosaurus cutlets, the filthy habits of west of Scotland dead man and how New York stole all its ideas from Govanhill.

It’s all true, although I might have made a lot of it up.

Connect to Peter


My thanks to Peter for allowing me to share some of his posts.. please head over and check out his archive.. thanks Sally.

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