Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday October 15th – D.G. Kaye #AstralPlaning – Alex Forshaw #Click training babies – Andrew Petcher #Instagram and tourist attractions

The first post is from the collaborative Sisters of the Fey blog and is a post by D.G. Kaye, Debby Gies on Astral Planing.

Are you familiar with Astral Planing? What is Astral Planing?

The astral plane is the realm of dreams and spirits. When we astral plane, we are taken to a level beyond the physical where we live here on earth. Astral Planing is the vehicle method we use to visit an intermediate world of light between heaven and earth. Those who have astral traveled say when in the astral, they can feel they are in the present, along with all their senses. People often experience this during illness or if they’re involved in a near death experience, if not practiced intentionally.

Astral planing is a spiritual journey of the out of body experience, known as OBE. It is like floating out of our bodies and watching our body below, not unlike what many tell us they experience in near death situations, or while in an operating room as their soul watches from above. The nature of astral traveling is we can explore another plane that does exist. It is said that approximately 10% of the population has had an OBE. So how would we know if we’ve astral planed?

Find out more about Astral Planing and share your experiences with Debby:

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Now a post I discovered when browsing my reader which got me intrigued… There is general outrage at a Channel 4 programme aired from August 20th titled, Train your Baby Like a Dog!  Here is a snippet from the blog of Austistic Inclusive by Alex Forshaw on the issue.

I have to say that one of the points made about clicker training to condition a baby could well be misused in the future by those less caring than its mother.

On August 20th Channel 4 are airing a show called How To Train Your Baby Like A Dog. It shows dog trainer Jo-Rosie teaching parents how to use clicker training normally used on dogs to train their children to be compliant using treats.

Nursery World: Sector outraged over Channel 4 show ‘Train Your Baby Like a Dog’

Professional Association of Canine Trainers: official statement regarding Channel 4’s upcoming ‘Train Your Baby Like a Dog’ programme

Head over and read the rest of the post and I would be interested to discover your thoughts :

The final post today is from Andrew Petcher of Have Bag Will Travel. In this post he is looking forward to visiting the Benagil Cave on the Algarve, Portugal, only to find that due to the trending on social media of this previously unspoilt natural phenomenon, it was impossible to even get close to it.  Hence Travels in Portugal, The Trouble with Social Media. Something that is applicable to most frequented tourist spots in the world.


We returned now to the coast with a plan to visit the beach at Benagil, quite close to Carvoeiro and try and find a sea cave that has recently become a popular tourist attraction.

As we set off we had no way of knowing just how popular and it turned out that finding it was not actually that difficult because it soon became clear that every other visitor to the Algarve had chosen the same day to do this. Parking the car was impossible, getting onto the beach was a nightmare and the whole place was horribly over-commercialised with people pushing and shoving to book a place on an over-priced boat tour.

The Benagil cave is a wonderful natural wonder that has been destroyed by tourism. It is in many guide books as one of the top ten things to see in the Algarve. The problem with visiting somewhere that is very popular is that it is very popular. Even relatively recently this place was a secret known only to local fishermen and villagers, now it is an Instagram bucket-list destination.

Head over and read the rest of the post about how social media has changed the tempo, appearance and many times the charm of some of the most beautiful parts of the world:

Greece 2008 124

Find out more about Andrew Petcher: Books on Travel:

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to read these posts in full.. thanks Sally.

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  1. So if you condition your child to expect a treat every time he doesn’t throw a temper tantrum, what happens when he’s older and he doesn’t get a treat for behaving in a socially acceptable manner? Children need to be taught and nurtured, not trained like an animal.

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