Smorgasbord Music Column – My favourite movie music – The Last of the Mohicans Theme

William Price King is on as short  break.. He will be back on November 12th. In the meantime, I will be sharing my favourite movie music…

This week’s music has always emotionally moved me. It is the theme from the film The Last of the Mohicans.

The movie had the benefit of being adapted from the stunning book by James Fenimore Cooper written 1826. Set in 1757 it vividly portrays the two warring nations of France and England with the settlers and the native Indian tribes caught up in the middle of it. A love story and one of adventure and sacrifice.. as you can tell I will be watching again.

The original Score for the movie was composed by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman. The Gael theme was written by Dougie Maclean for his 1990 album “The Search. The movie from 1992 is directed by Michael Mann.

You can buy the movie here and I can highly recommend if you have not seen before:

Thanks to HD Film Tributes

Thank you for tuning in today and I hope you will take the opportunity to watch the film.. thanks Sally.

40 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Music Column – My favourite movie music – The Last of the Mohicans Theme

  1. OMG! Now you’ve done it! My favorite soundtrack of all time, from my favorite movie of all time (except for the Wizard of Oz, of course!) I can NEVER hear this without seeing my beloved North Carolina mountains, and Hawkeye running up that cliff trail at Chimney Rock Park. (Or fighting his way through the tall grass to get to Cora!) Geeze. Now I’ll be thinking about this all night! Happy sigh.

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      • You can’t imagine what this movie means to me. I belonged to a group of fans centered around a man who wrote a guidebook to all of the scenic and beautiful filming locations, and eventually, we ended up having what we called Great Mohican Gatherings in Chimney Rock every year. We visited every site, hiked by every waterfall, got behind the scenes tours of the Biltmore, AND over time, had both Eric Schweig (Uncas) and Wes Studi (Magua) as guests. One of my good friends who was listed as Soldier #2 (he gets killed in the cave under the falls) is still in touch via Facebook. We grew from a group of maybe a dozen or so to about 50 or so, and we met annually, just for the fun of being there, for quite a few years. People came from as far away as Scotland! I think the gatherings continued until about a year ago, but I only went the first five times.

        We even had reenactors coming in period costumes with muskets, and doing demonstrations. And ALWAYS, we hiked up that trail to the top of the cliff where Chingachgook kills Magua, and because Chimney Rock Park was featured in the most dramatic scenes, they played the soundtrack over their loud speakers, so it accompanied you as you hiked, which was amazing! 😀 And everywhere we went, someone was always quoting appropriate lines from the film.

        Person 1: I’m hungry. Let’s get lunch.
        Person 2: “Not here. Two leagues. Better water.”

        Admiring the Biltmore: “What an adventcha!”

        And every time we said goodbye to ANYONE:
        “You stay alive! I WILL find you!”

        We were truly obsessed, in the best way possible, and turned it all into a fun event that I’ll never forget being part of.

        What wonderful memories this clip brings back! *Happy sigh* Thank you!

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      • That is fabulous Marcia and I am so envious. I admired Daniel Day Lewis before the film but my goodness he brought that part to life stunningly. For me that love scene in the fort is still so much more compelling than the graphic scenes they feel they have to show in full detail today.. Do they really think we don’t have any imagination.. anyway that is such an amazing experience and loved hearing about it..♥

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  2. Oh, my goodness! My husband, my daughter, and I watched this movie on the big screen when it first came out. There was swooning, gasping, and crying from all three of us. Then we bought the video so that we could watch it again and again.

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  3. Sally, I felt the same way about DD-L. His Hawkeye was the stuff of dreams! And the love scene at the fort was wonderful. I have an actual window frame from that fort hanging on my hallway wall! One year, we trekked up a mountain to the site where they’d filmed the the scene in the Huron camp, and there were still bits and pieces of the fire (where poor Duncan met his unhappy fate), so I have a piece of charred wood from there, too.

    I acquired the window piece another year, and I have an entire box full of memorabilia, including SACRED SOIL, 😀 , from the spot where they filmed the final scene of Chingachgook, Hawkeye, and Cora standing in the wind, looking out over the mountains. Yes, I hiked all the way up there, and it nearly killed me. Without Soldier #2 helping me every step of the way, and refusing to let me quit, I would not have made that one. He kept saying, you can rest, but there’s a better spot ahead. And finally, when I said I could not take another step, he said, “Look! We’re here.” And we were. And I cried. But I saved that little film canister full of soil, so I could tell YOU about it one day! 😀

    OH, what a great time it was!! (I’ll share some pics on the blog someday. It’s the most beautiful spot I’ve ever seen. So far. 😀 )

    Oh, and btw, Eric Schweig was shy, and Wes Studi was a gentle, quite, soft-spoken man, very different from Magua. Great actor! 🙂

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      • I’ll dig out my old photos and scan some, and do a post! (No iphones at the time, sadly, so no digital pics ready to go.) It will have to wait on me finishing my WIP, the 4th Wake-Robin Ridge book, but I WILL do it. No matter what occurs. I WILL find them. (the photos) 😀 😀 😀

        When you watch it this weekend, and you get to the scene where they are going into the cave under the waterfall, hoping to hide from Magua, pay close attention to Uncas bending over to walk beneath the falls. I have a pic of me doing the same thing. 😀 (See what you started!!) I’m still humming the music! ❤

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  4. Sally, you picked one of my very favorites movies, one I have watched maybe four times. Of course being set in the North Carolina mountains, it hits close to my heart. And what a love story! The music drives it. Excuse me, I have to go watch it again!

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  5. Thank you for the reminder to watch this epic film again, Sally for the ..don’t how many times but not lately…Loved reading about Marcia’s experience it brought the film even more to life… what an experience…Hugs xx

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    • I’m glad you enjoyed my somewhat OCD Mohicanland Adventures, Carol. 😀 It went from a mere obsession with the beauty of this film (and Hawkeye!) to a jumping off place for many friendships that continue to this day. Plus a chance to spend 3 or 4 days each year in my very favorite part of the world, hiking to stunning waterfalls, and having all sorts of adventures along the way. Wonderful memories of those times! 🙂 Hey. I should write a book! 😀 😀 😀

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