MarySmith’sPlace – Afghan adventures (8)

I am just catching up with my blog reading and if you are looking for a fascinating series, look no further than Mary Smith’s Place. Mary is sharing her experiences of working in Afghanistan in a leprosy clinic, and if that is not intriguing enough you should head over to find out how they dispensed with mites and flies.. Mary is a warrior and there is no way in a million years would I be stoic enough to handle that kind of working environment…and if you have not read her fabulous book No More Mulberries… buy it for yourself and enjoy. thanks Sally

Mary Smith's Place

The morning of the clinic opening Ali Baba had to lock the door to prevent eager patients from disrupting breakfast.

Too nervous to eat, Hussain checked for the hundredth time that all was ready. He’d asked me to sit with him in the clinic, write the prescriptions and make notes of things which needed to be changed. It would also be a good way to improve my Dari.

Hussain gave the signal for Ali Baba to open the door. Immediately, half a dozen men pushed and shoved each other into the consulting room, all talking at once. Using some pretty persuasive shoving himself Ali Baba eventually succeeded in evicting five of them and the victorious winner sat on the floor, beaming happily.

Hussain urged him to sit on the folding metal chair provided for patients. He, himself, was ensconced in a chair more appropriate to his exalted position.  It was…

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