Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – The Man Who Found Birds among the Stars, Part Six: Merlin: A Biographical Fiction by Lorinda J. Taylor

Delighted to showcase the most recent release by Lorinda J. TaylorThe Man Who Found Birds among the Stars, Part Six: Merlin: A Biographical Fiction

About the book

As preparation for the first star-mission continues, the new crewmembers begin to interact with one another, new relationships form, old ones continue to evolve, and life on Earth moves forward. Capt. Nikalishin’s wife persists in disrupting his life no matter how he tries to discourage her. Cmdr. Glencrosse remains under psychiatric treatment for his delusions about an entity out to destroy the mission, but nevertheless his Captain continues to support his appointment as Chief Engineer of the Ariana. Too many complexities exist in their relationship for either of them to cast the other aside.At last the mission’s destination and date of departure are set. Ian Glencrosse attempts to reconcile with his father, with ominous consequences which he reveals to no one. Furthermore, on the eve of departure, the High Feather makes another unexpected appearance … It’s too late to alter history …

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A small selection of other books by Lorinda J. Taylor

One of the recent reviews for book five of the series Phenix Rises

I have followed this series since its inception and can’t help but feel a motherly connection to the captain. It seems all my heartfelt worry for this character has finally paid off. Robbin Nikalishin has returned to the Phenix Project interstellar program and taken his rightful seat in the Captain’s chair. Yea!

Having finally overcome the majority of his past mistakes, Captain Robby launches into the personnel staffing portion of the new project which results in a journey back in time. The captain meets with each of the original Darter crew offering them another chance at reaching beyond the stars with him at the helm. After everything they’ve been through together will they want to be part of his crew again?

For me, this series has always been about the characters. Watching the captain grow through the ups and downs of his early manhood has been some pretty riveting stuff. This series has offered a deep dive into the psyche of a man, created purely from the author’s imagination. I think I know Captain Robby better than some of my friends! Once again the author demonstrates her astute capture of human nature by creating unforgettable characters.

But, don’t get too comfortable thinking you have this story figured out. The author has managed to throw in a jaw-dropping twist at the very end! I can’t wait to read what happens next!

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About Lorinda J. Taylor

A former catalogue librarian with two graduate degrees, Lorinda J. Taylor was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and worked in several different academic libraries before returning to the place of her birth, where she now lives. She has written fantasy and science fiction for years but began to self-publish only in 2011. To this point, she has published fifteen science fiction/fantasy novels, including seven volumes of a series retelling myths in terms of her intelligent termite civilization. Her writings combine many aspects of science fiction, fantasy, literary fiction, future history, off-world adventure, psychological fiction, and even a love story. She always strives to engage readers emotionally and give them something to think about at the end of each book.

Connect to Lorinda

MeWe: Lorinda J. Taylor

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