Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 20th November 2019 – #Christmas Carol Taylor, #Dogsitter Debbie ‘The Doglady, #Odessa1941 #BlueberryPie by Dolly Aizenman

The first post is from Carol Taylor and her Whimsical Wednesday post…plenty for everyone including a wonderful supermarket Christmas cat video and a reminder to be kind to others 365 days of the year, not just for Christmas, beetroot tartare background to artificial Christmas trees and also a short story from S.C. Richmond..Definitely worth heading over to read the entire post.

Welcome to my world and whimsical Wednesdays…

The battle of the Christmas ads has started…and every year they seem to get better and better…I use u tube a lot and based on U tube views….Mogs Christmas is tops…I wonder if any of this year’s ads will knock it off its top spot…? That little dragon is cute…

Head over to watch the video and read the post in full: Carol Taylor’s Whimsical Wednesday

You can find all of Carol’s posts: Carol Taylor’s Food and Cookery Column 2019

Delighted to see that Debbie ‘The Doglady’ is writing more about her adventures when dog sitting and here is chapter nine.. with a link at the top of the post to read the other chapters. Very entertaining and I look forward to showcasing the book Debbie…



Scout the Malamute, Adventures in Dogsitting Chapter 9

My first walking client was a giant, female Malamute named Scout.

It was a warm, sunny day in May 1994, when I first met Scout and her owner, Mary, a busy lawyer. They lived in a small cottage with a lovely fenced yard, near the lake.

Scout was three years old and had plenty of energy. She wasn’t the least bit shy and licked my face in greeting. So far, so good!

Malamutes have strong-willed, dominant personalities, and Scout was no different. According to Mary, she disliked other female dogs, and I should be wary of that. A tad stubborn myself, I was determined to fix it.

Head over to Debbie’s blog to enjoy the entire story about Scout: Adventures in Dog Sitting Chapter Nine

And to leave you with something delicious and sweet… a lovely post and recipe from Dolly Aizenman of Kool Kosher Kitchen – Patience to Wait for Blueberry Pie.

The post is not just about a delicious pie but her mother’s time at the prestigious Stolyarsky Specialized Music School of Odessa and the devastation of war that resulted in her mother receiving multiple life-changing injuries resulting in over 80 surgeries.. What an inspiring story.

berry pie 5 (2)

This recipe is created for my favorite purple person, an amazing, quirky, and funny blogofriend Melinda of Purple Slop in Recovery. I promised her a few months ago to create a purple cake. A while later, I made a purple pie and photographed it (before it was gobbled up!), getting ready to post the recipe. Unfortunately, it took me a few more months to get to it, but fortunately, dear Melinda would not let me dive into a serious guilt trip. She had patience to wait, thus reminding me of an inscription on a photograph my mother had carried with her throughout the war, through horrors and pain.


Find out more about Dolly’s mother and her bravery  and also to enjoy the recipe for this blueberry pie: Patience to Wait for Blueberry Pie

Dolly’s book Kool Kosher Kitchen is available: Amazon

I hope that you will head over to read these posts in full.. thanks Sally.

17 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 20th November 2019 – #Christmas Carol Taylor, #Dogsitter Debbie ‘The Doglady, #Odessa1941 #BlueberryPie by Dolly Aizenman

  1. Thank you, Sally, always a pleasure to be among your favourite people and blogs, I have always loved Dolly’s creations and how brave was her mother such a touching story and I am a sucker for animal stories we had a great dog walker in the Uk and their worth should never be underestimated they do a wonderful job …Loved scouts story…Hugs xx

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  2. Thank you so much for the feature, Sally! ❤ It's an honour to be included with such talented people. I'll be back in January with another chapter. Taking a break for the holidays. Have a great rest of the year!

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