Smorgasbord Book Reviews – Vikings: Taken (The Great Heathen Army series Book 1 by Ceri Bladen

I would like to share my review for the first book in The Great Heathen Army Series: Taken by Ceri Bladen. I enjoyed the first book and have ordered the other four books in the series and I am looking forward to reading very much.

About the book

Rosfrith’s childhood changes forever after war-loving Vikings capture her home. Frightened by the axe-wielding barbarians, and torn from everything she knows and loves, she is forced to forget her privileged life. When she is abandoned by her parents and her life is threatened, is there anyone that she can trust to turn to for help?

Ubba, who dutifully followed his brother to Britain to avenge his father’s death is a strong warrior, hardened to life. He finds himself conflicted when Rosfrith awakens a protective streak he didn’t know he had. And, when he finally notices that Rosfrith is no longer a child, other feelings stir. But, will he risk everything for a mere slave?

My review for the book

As a fan of Vikings the television series, and also the books of Bernard Cornwell, I was intrigued as to how Ceri Bladen would portray this time in history and the invaders who left their mark on the landscape and history of many of our countries. Which means that those of us within sailing distance of the Norselands have a touch of Viking in our DNA including me.

This is the first book in the series The Great Heathen Army and it makes sense that one of the central characters was a child. However at that time even children rarely escaped the violence and devastation brought upon the land or their homes. Rosfrith’s short life has been privileged, but all that is about to change as the Vikings swept through the land and captured her father’s castle.

Enter Ubba one of the famed Ragnar Lothbrok’s sons, who with his brothers is seeking revenge for his father’s death. Over the period of the next six years the story follows the progress of this thirst for revenge, but also the growing relationship between a child and Ubba as she develops into womanhood.

I found the characters well developed for a first book in a series and the plot was fast paced from the beginning, but became more measured towards the end when the personal relationship between Ubba and his slave (thrall) is the focus.

It is action packed and was true to the period and the ferocity of the invaders, and it kept my interest from start to finish. I enjoyed the book and will be buying and reading the next four books in the series in coming weeks. Recommended.

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About Ceri Bladen

Ceri Bladen is a Welsh girl currently living in Turkey.

In between looking after a husband, three children, street dogs, and a kindle of street cats she manages to squeeze in time to write.

She loves romance, so most of her books contain elements of it, whether in the form of historical, contemporary, or fantasy.

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I hope you have enjoyed my review and will head over to explore this book and Ceri Bladen’s other work more – thanks Sally.




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