Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Blogger Daily Thursday 5th November 2019 – #FREEbook James J. Cudney, #Reading Nicole Osmond, #Story Becky Ross Michael

To kick off today’s post a FREE download from James J. Cudney for the first book in The Braxton Campus series – Academic Curveball until December 8th. I am four books in to the series and enjoying very much so can recommend… especially at that price!!!

The debut book in the Braxton Campus Mysteries, Academic Curveball, is available as a FREE Kindle download from 12/4 @11am thru 12/8 @ 11am EST. This book won a Best Fiction award and was the #1 downloaded Kindle book in the highest possible category in February during the initial promotion. There are now 5 books available in the series with a 6th one due in early 2020, so why not start reading them by getting this one for FREE!  Download for FREE via Amazon

You can also enter a contest to with a FREE audio copy…again until 8th of December.

In honor of the FREE Kindle version, I’m also giving away an audiobook to one lucky winner. All you need to do is leave a comment about the Braxton Campus Mysteries on this post. The contest is open to anyone who can download an audiobook from the US or UK site. It will run through midnight on 12/8, then the winner will be announced on 12/9. The winner will be picked randomly based on date/time stamp.

Head over to the post to comment and to read more about The Braxton Campus Mysteries: James J. Cudney FREE Ebook and contest for audio Academic Curveball.

James J. Cudney, Buy: Amazon US Website/Blog: This is my truth nowGoodreads: James J. Cudney

Now a post from Nicole Osmond about the places that books can take us…without leaving our chair.  Head over and read the entire post and let Nicole know which books have transported you over the years.

Getting lost (and found) in the wonderment of a good book.

I love a good book – Fiction or Non-fiction, it doesn’t matter. If the writing is good, I will most certainly get lost (and found) in the pages.

A good book will take me on a Journey. A Journey brimming with opportunities to discover new places, new people, new ways of being. I lose (and find) myself there – time and again. A good book will take me away – to another time. I will find myself there too.
My imagination takes me away to another realm. I lose myself in the pages – just for a little while. My grateful heart always brings me home.

A good book will awaken the senses. The brilliance and intensity of each are limited only by our imagination. With every word, we create its sensory counterpart through our imagination – we visualize, we hear, we smell, we taste, we touch.

Head over to read the post in full as it is captivating: Getting Lost and Found in the wonderment of a good book

Nicole Osmond Freelance Writer and Business Booster

With 20+ years of career experience in People Empowerment, with Entrepreneurship as a central theme, I see the potential in people. A Writer with Heart – I weave words together to stimulate, elevate and motivate. In addition to my passion for writing, I have founded/co-founded two Social Purpose Businesses. Both inspire me to do better and be better every day. My blog is my canvas to share my ‘experience nuggets’ and ‘happiness hacks’ with you! Thanks for stopping by! With gratitude, always – Nicole

And the final post today is a story by Becky Ross Michael that will leave you chilly and spooked….

This time of year, especially during a cold snap here in Texas, I often think back to my harrowing trip when I moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. My story, “Lonely Road,” was first published in U.P. Reader in 2017. I hope you enjoy it!

Lonely Road

“It probably won’t snow much,” he assured me. His voice was confident, but concern flashed in his eyes behind wire rimmed glasses. Was that worry connected to the driving conditions or to the direction we were taking our relationship? I sat on a bench outside the mom-and-pop restaurant in Munising and quickly exchanged shoes for fur-lined boots.

Since we had no good way to communicate on the road, before cell phones, we agreed ahead of time to meet there for lunch. The waitress had alerted us to some messy weather on our intended route along the lakeshore, at the same time she offered dessert of apple or raspberry pie.

I was moving from downstate Michigan to join him in the Upper Peninsula city of Marquette, where we planned to give our marriage another try. He waited for a large logging truck to pass, waved a little salute, and then carefully pulled his dark Jeep and the trailer that carried my belongings onto the road. I followed in my small, silver car and watched the first flurries of the season begin to decorate the landscape.

While I drove, I focused on our future together and hoped we had made a good decision. Typically a nervous winter motorist, I tried to push away any anxiety about slippery roads. Fewer vehicles shared the two-lane highway with each mile, and the area became increasingly remote. Pine and bare hardwood trees were thick, and homes or businesses became scarce. The few towns and villages we passed were each marked by a lone stoplight or blinker.

Head over and put your feet up to enjoy the complete story: Lonely Road by Becky Ross Michael

About Becky Ross Michael

Originally from Michigan and now living in Texas, Becky’s writing has appeared in the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine, U.P. Reader, and Mystery Readers Journal.

Besides attending several critique groups and creating her personal writing pieces, Becky, a former teacher, also works as a freelance editor. She enjoys spending time with her family, along with reading, gardening, sight-seeing, collecting vintage items, and healthy cooking.

I hope you have enjoyed today’s selected posts and will head over to read them in full.. thank you Sally.

23 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Blogger Daily Thursday 5th November 2019 – #FREEbook James J. Cudney, #Reading Nicole Osmond, #Story Becky Ross Michael

  1. A reader ( well it was my mother actually ) said of my novel that she really enjoyed the scenes set at Holly Tree Farm – and it occured to me I had not put much description of the farmhouse, only the impressions of the people settling in. Perhaps it is a mystery what words we write or read will spark the imagination.
    I loved Lonely Road ; it’s bad enough when you lose someone in the shopping centre, let alone out on the loneliest journey!

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  2. Thanks so very much Sally for sharing my blog post today. My heart is bursting from your lovely gesture of kindness and support. With much gratitude and Hugs, Nicole

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