CarolCooks2…Weekly roundup the 3rd- 8th December 2019…

Carol Taylor’s weekly round up and apart from Brussel Sprouts that were featured here on Wednesday in all their festive glory, you will find a delightful menu of items from climate change and 1980s hairstyles to pickling and Christmas trees.. which is beautifully decorated by her granddaughter Lily. Head over and enjoy.

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome to this week’s roundup and do I have some goodies for you…Lots of things going on in the world …The election in the UK is fast gathering momentum…I have watched a few live clashes between the leaders of the parties and to say I am not impressed by much is an understatement…The party leaders need to grow up and start discussing honestly the concerns the voting public has on current issues that are important to them instead they are intent on scoring points against each other…That’s all I will be saying on this blog…

christmas tree and baubles-2939314_640

Although I am showing my Christmas face and cheer on my blog it doesn’t feel a bit like Christmas here…I need to get my red cabbage on as the smell of that certainly makes you think of Christmas, the tree is up…all four of them…Lily decorated them yesterday and they look pretty…My own little Christmas…

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