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A few months ago we met some new bloggers who shared some of their posts from their archives, and I thought over the next few days I would revisit their blogs and see what they have been up to. The first post is from Peter Mohan of Cheers Govanhill, with a humorous look at allotments…

close-up of a yellow and red flower with green leaves in the background

Didn’t have the fingers for it by Peter Mohan.

Got an allotment but was driven out by pests.

I thought an allotment would be somewhere to grow organic veg and drink cans in the sun.

Tulips, parsnips, peas, bees.

Maybe turn it into a social enterprise in the heart of Govanhill. Take on volunteers, placements, internships, work experience. Have them dig up weeds, clear away debris, fill black bags, while I sit back and drink cans in the sun.

Head over and find out what happened to this dream of green fingered glory: Didn’t have the fingers for it.

About Peter Mohan

My name’s Peter Mohan, I live and work in Glasgow, Scotland. Cheers, Govanhill is a semi-fictional blog from Glasgow’s most cosmopolitan and endlessly-fascinating neighbourhood.

It’s a humorous, sometimes dark, account of inner-city life by fictional narrator, Boy David.
He casts an affectionate, surreal eye on the area from his tenement, with stories of gentrification, brontosaurus cutlets, the filthy habits of west of Scotland dead man and how New York stole all its ideas from Govanhill. It’s all true, although I might have made a lot of it up.

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The next post is from Linda Thompson who writes at Inked In.. and Linda shares the tragic events of December 6th 1989 that resulted in 14 bright lights being extinguished.

30 Years Ago: 14 Bright Lights Extinguished

Photo credit: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Ryan RemiorzRyan Remiorz / THE CANADIAN PRESS

December 6, 1989 was an ordinary Wednesday. But thirty years later, it has become a: “I remember where I was …” day. As in, I remember where I was when JFK was shot. Or I remember where I was when 911 happened. Because before Virginia Tech, before Sandyhook, before Columbine even, there was École Polytechnique in Montreal.

On that evening, a gunman walked into the engineering school in Montreal and killed 14 people. His targets were only half-random. They had to be women. Not any specific woman, any woman would do. His hatred for them was across the board.

Head over to read the complete post and it is tragic that these events are still taking place in our schools and colleges today: 30 Years ago 14 bright lights extinguished

About Linda

Writer, fundraiser, mother, wife, owner of one stubborn Canadian mare and one orange tabby and bona fide introvert who finds it easier to express herself in ink than out loud. For extroverts and Type A personalities, expressing themselves is a natural part of their charm and we mostly love them for it. It’s hard to know what goes on in the head of an introvert or how he/she perceives the world. Follow me to see the world through the eyes of this introvert and share your thoughts with me. Extroverts welcome too!

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The final post today is from Melanie Stewart who writes about the challenges of ensuring elderly parents are kept safe, solvent and secure from outside influences.. Having been there I find her posts helpful for anyone facing this same experience. In this post a dilemma is resolved happily, providing peace of mind for all the family.

Taking Over Your Parent’s Checkbook: One Fortunate Solution

I posted a story several weeks ago which examined the question of when is it time to take over the finances of a parent? (For the previous story click here.) My 88-year-old mother Ginny had been exhibiting behavior from putting the wrong checks into the wrong utility envelopes, pulling out checkbook pages and writing out donation checks to multiple organizations; spending money that she couldn’t afford. This is a follow-up story:

And just like that, the inheritance check is here. This is wonderful news, but our main concern right now remains her spending habits. Now that she knows she has a significant increase in her assets, she may start to write larger checks. We have tried to stress that, with her budget, every dollar she received from her best friend’s financial gift should be earmarked for her care. We don’t have much faith, however, that she can abide by that. Previous explanations to stop sending donations have been ignored. In fact, we are doubly concerned about how much the amount of the checks will go up.

Please head over to read the complete post as it might offer some ideas of how to smooth the way to making changes in your elderly relatives life: Taking over your parent’s Checkbook

About Melanie M. Stewart.

Many years ago, I worked as a freelance writer for a local paper in suburban Chicago. I covered everything from cloning & measuring the risk of heart disease to my “Day in the Life” series where I spent the day with a veterinarian or watching “behind the scenes” at a popular restaurant.

Then I went to work for (online obituaries). I stayed there for almost nine years. I enjoyed helping customers navigate the site and at times, offer support during a highly emotional time.

This blog combines these two experiences. They are non-fiction stories pulled from my own experiences navigating the aging parent years. I also provide informational links and tips as well as the opportunity for you to share your story.

I have no professional background in psychology or senior healthcare. I’m just in it day-to-day. I’m married and a mom who enjoys a good laugh, a good mystery/thriller and watching the Chicago Cubs.

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Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to read the entire posts and also to follow these bloggers.. thanks Sally.

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