Christmas…In my house…Traditions, Treats and a touch of Trivia…

Carol Taylor continues her series on Christmas at her house in Thailand and this week, instead of buying supermarket sliced ham, how about curing your own ham… a step by step guide and looks amazing.. plus a cocktail on the side.. homemade lemoncello…. break out the vodka… #recommended

Retired? No one told me!

As Christmas is not celebrated here our Christmas is far more low key…Not so frantic as it was in the UK…I do miss the atmosphere and the build-up but I don’t miss all the crowds and the must-have this as it does take away from the real meaning where family and friends get together and enjoy each other’s company…

Today however we have received a lovely parcel of goodies including chocolate and cheeses lovely little truckles of assorted cheeses…I am looking forward to sampling these over Christmas with some nice onion chutney…

What is a truckle of cheese some of you may ask…A truckle of cheese is a cylindrical wheel of cheese, usually taller than it is wide, and sometimes described as barrel-shaped. The word is derived from the Latin trochlea, ‘wheel, pulley’. Truckles vary greatly in size, from the wax-coated cheeses sold in supermarkets, to 25 kilograms or…

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