Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday December 17th 2019 – #Healthcosts Beetley Pete, #Reblogging Richard Dee, #Tenthings John W. Howell

There is a lot of negative press about waiting lists and failures in the NHS, but despite that, I can honestly say that as far as my family and friends are concerned it has been there when we needed it. Having lived abroad, including the USA, I do have a healthy respect for social medicine and in this post Pete Johnson, Beetley Pete shares a video that might just make those with free health care appreciate it even more.

The Real Cost Of Private Medicine by Beetley Pete.

After my post about going to see the doctor yesterday, my dear blogging friend Kim sent me a link to a very interesting video. This may be of great interest to British readers.

Few of us here know much about private health care, although a percentage of people do pay into a scheme to get preferential, or faster treatment. Having a pet might make you realise just how expensive treatment and drugs can be these days, as I have found out with Ollie’s trips to the Vet.

In this short film, random people on a British street are asked to guess the cost of medical treatments and drugs in America, for example an asthma inhaler.

Their answers are very interesting.

Given the recent publicity about government ministers considering significant changes to the NHS and overall healthcare provision in this country, this is something we all need to be aware of.

In the UK, an ambulance callout costs you £0 in medical bills. The birth of your child costs you £0 in medical bills. In the USA, it’s a different story.  

Head over to watch the video and be prepared to be shocked….and grateful if you live in the UK and Ireland: Beetley Pete – The Real Cost of Private Medicine

Get in touch with Pete and discover more about his writing – Blog: Beetley Pete WordPressTwitter: Beetley Pete

For anyone who is self-hosted being reblogged and reblogging can be a problem and as it is one of the fundamental networking tools it is not helpful.. Richard Dee has been sleuthing to finding a workaround that does not include cutting and pasting from the original blog,especially if your host will not let you install Jetpack which is WordPress friendly.

The gentle art of Re-blogging – made easy by Richard Dee

I’ve been trying to reblog some of the great content I see on my wanderings through the internet. Articles that interest, useful tips and advice, they all could do with a wider audience. Hence the reblogging, to help spread the word.

That was where the fun started. It’s not as simple as I thought it would be.

You might have noticed that this website is self-hosted. That means it uses, not Despite the name, both are separate entities.

All I wanted to do was embed the link to my chosen post on my post, with most sites, this brings up a clickable preview. Not with sites though. For that, you need to use something called Jetpack, a WordPress plug-in that links to

However (and there’s always a however isn’t there?), my hosting service doesn’t allow users to install Jetpack, for some technical reason. It was explained to me but I got lost at ‘it’s because’.

Head over and find out how to be able to reblog easily from a site to The Gentle Art of Reblogging Made Easy by Richard Dee

Richard Dee, buy: Amazon US Website: Richard Dee’s ScifiGoodreads: Richard Dee at Goodreads

Please go to Amazon or Richard’s website to view all his books.


And finally today… the guy who knows the ‘Ten Things Not To do’, at any event at any point in history…John W. Howell.

Top Ten Things not to do

1903 Wright Flyer (A19610048000) at the Smithsonian Institution National Air and Space Museum. February 27, 2017. Smithsonian photo by Eric Long (A19610048000.3T8A5583) (NASM2018-10795)

December 16th marks the 116th anniversary of the first flight of a self-propelled heavier than air aircraft by the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. We do want to go and witness this major event. I have a list of things to avoid so that we don’t get into any trouble while we are there. So let’s get ready to go.

Top Ten Things Not to Do at the First Heavier Than Air Aircraft Flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903

10 If you are at the first airplane flight, do not ask the Wrights for a special in-flight meal. If you do, at best, you’ll get a confused look. At worst, Orville will think you have a great idea, but the weight of the turkey will prevent the flight from taking off. (You did not have to specify turkey, Jose. A nice cucumber sandwich would have sufficed.)

9 If you are at the first airplane flight, do not ignore Tiny the WWF champ and self-appointed flight attendant directions. If you do, at best, Tiny won’t notice. At worst, Tiny, who has skipped the last ten court-ordered anger management sessions, is highly offended. (Well, Jamie. You only have yourself to blame. It appears Tiny wants to see if you bounce when dropped out of a plane at 1000 feet. I think we’d all like to know that too.)

8 If you are at the first airplane flight, do not demand a hotel and meal voucher if your flight gets canceled. If you do, at best, no one will understand what you are talking about. At worst, on top of all their troubles, the Wright brothers will consider you a pest. (Looks like Wilber is coming out of the barn with his trusty shotgun, Jackson. It may be time to try out those new Nike running shoes.)

Head over to find out the rest of the things not to do at the first flight of an aeroplane:John Howell – Top Ten Things Not To Do

John Howell, Buy: Amazon USGoodreads: John Howell Goodreads – Blog: John Howell

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over and enjoy these posts in full…thanks Sally.



12 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday December 17th 2019 – #Healthcosts Beetley Pete, #Reblogging Richard Dee, #Tenthings John W. Howell

  1. I have always been thankful for NHS; that doesn’t mean there have not been times when things have gone wrong, but adding up all the family childbirths, operations, treatment, prescriptions etc. that we can take for granted we wouldn’t be without it. My sister is a GP in Australia and one of her patients rang her up one day worried about her husband – it sounded like a heart attack and she told the woman she must call an ambulance, but the wife said ‘Oh no, we can’t afford an ambulance!’

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  2. I never used the NHS in the UK, but i also think its one of the best available health systems in Europe. Look at Germany. Here over the last thirty years we had privatizised the health system. Now we have a lot of clinic institutions, some private some half private, and no one can say anything about the costs. Every appointment at the doc – if you get one in reliable time – you have to show your health card, and you do not know what it costs. Michael


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