Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday December 18th 2019 – #’U’ D.G. Kaye, #XmasLights Sherri Matthews, #Whimsy Carol Taylor

I don’t miss ‘U’ as I still have ‘U’ in my live and you bring colour, flavour and good behaviour into my life.. D.G. Kaye has written a letter of apology to ‘U’ as she was advised to abandon ‘U’ in favor of her writing……..

A Love Letter of Apology – I Miss U by D.G. Kaye

Miss U

Remembering when I first lost U.
Sometimes I don’t even think of U. U barely ever cross my mind – out of habit, gone as though U never existed.

In other times I’ll catch myself in pause and have a think back on most of my life – when U were in my life, a part of my heritage, and swiftly just vanished when I began writing books.

Now, more often, I’ll find myself thinking about U. I’m sorry I abandoned U, but I was told it’s better this way to sever ties completely.

Head over to read the rest of this heartfelt apology from D.G. Kaye.:

D. G. Kaye – Buy: Amazon USBlog: D.G. Writes Goodreads: D.G. Kaye on Goodreads

Catch up with Debby’s Travel Column here every month: The Travel Column with D.G. Kaye

And the next post is from Sherri Matthews who shares some wonderful photographs of the Christmas illuminations in Stourhead, bears in Bath and the Sherborne Abbey, also some news of her entry in the Carrot Ranch Rodeo, an early Christmas gift and how some friends are offering writing skills. Lots to enjoy.

What I Wanted To Tell You At Christmas by Sherri Matthews

What I wanted to tell you at Christmas is how spectacular the illuminations at Stourhead this year. I wanted to show you the carpet of lights twinkling down to the lake and the Pantheon lit up like a beacon in the distance with two little boats in the water

Head over to enjoy all the photographs and news: Sherri Matthews at Christmas

Sherri’s Memoir, Stranger in a White Dress,  will be available in 2020

Blog A View from my Summerhouse: Sherri Matthews – Facebook Author Page:  Sherri Matthews  – Twitter: @writersherri

And Carol Taylor kicked off the day with her wonderful Vegetarian Menu for Christmas and so she might as well end the day too with her wonderful Whimsical Wednesday which includes some festive music and Christmas adverts, with Chapter 16 of the story The Charade with S.C. Richmond.

Whimsical Wednesday…with Carol…

Christmas…gaining momentum…In our house, the tree is up…The cake made, just the marzipan to make, the sauces made, I will be making the first mince pies and sausage rolls this weekend…Later this year but because it is hot here and just us..I try to save the Christmas goodies until last to try and conjure up that Christmas vibe…

Thank you to everyone who follows and supports my blog …You all rock!

Let’s see what is going on around the world at Christmas time then shall we…?

This post will be all I love about Christmas so there will be a few of my favourite tunes…My Christmas cake is smelling rather enticing I am going to make the marzipan later today and get that on to dry out and then ice it at the weekend.

My first Christmas ham is on…and the smell of the spices is wafting into my office space…This is only a small piece just over a kilo…Our test piece…

Let’s have some music

Disappointingly for me, the last 10 years Christmas numbers ones haven’t been Christmassy at all…Mariah takes the top spot for the most played Chrismas tune which although it is catchy it’s getting boring…

This is one of my favourite versions of Rocking Around the Christmas Tree…Brenda Lee…Who made this record when she was 13 years old she certainly had some pipes on her …

Head over to enjoy the music and to catch up with the rest of Carol’s post:

You can find all of Carol’s posts: Carol Taylor’s Food and Cookery Column 2019

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these post in full.. thanks Sally.

13 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday December 18th 2019 – #’U’ D.G. Kaye, #XmasLights Sherri Matthews, #Whimsy Carol Taylor

  1. Thank you so much, Sally what beautiful light’s… Christmas certainly brings with it such a mixture of sights, smells and senses… Merry Chistmas ladies once again I am honoured to be included among all this talent… Hugs xxx

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