Towards the end of the year…

Jessica Norrie with a recap of her year with an interesting note about her recent visit to a book club as a guest author… and her writing projects awaiting feedback at her agent… as well as her response to the Blogger Recognition Award.

Words and Fictions

A rounding up, summing up, divvying up write up of the year beckons. I haven’t blogged blogger-recognition-2019as often this year for health and other reasons but was touched despite lagging behind to receive a Blogger Recognition Award today. Actually it’s my second such award… not bad for someone who is poor at networking and not really a team player. More of that below.

Things have certainly happened. The Magic Carpet was published in July and has some wonderful reviews from a pretty exclusive readership. Last night I was invited to answer questions about it by a book club. As I travelled there, I thought I should have prepared a flipchart…a powerpoint…handouts. My mind became strangely blank as to what was in the book, why and how I’d written it, whether I even had any right to claim it as mine. I’ve never been in a book club, my excuse being…

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  1. Thank you Sally. And thank you for the award which you deserve so much more than I do. Now back to my blocked dishwasher (we had a power cut this morning and all my plans have been stymied!) Have a lovely Christmas! Xx

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