Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Monday December 23rd 2019 – #Interview D.G. Kaye with Darlene Foster, #Interview Richard Dee with Emily Moore, #PromotionScam revealed by Dan Alatorre and Christoph Fischer.

A lovely post from D.G. Kaye along with her guest Darlene Foster in the Q & A.. lovely to find out more about talented children and YA author of the Amanda Travel Series.

D.G, Kaye Book Promotions

Q and A with D.G. Kaye, Featuring Children’s Author Darlene Foster

Welcome to the last of 2019 author interviews. And I’m happy to send off the season with my featured author guest Darlene Foster. Darlene has recently released another book in her Amanda travels series – Amanda in Holland: Missing in Action. And Darlene is already working on the next book in the series! Let’s find out what she’s up to!

Author Darlene Foster

About Darlene:

Brought up on a ranch in Canada, Darlene dreamt of travelling the world and
meeting interesting people. She has always loved to tell stories and was
encouraged by her grade three teacher to write them down. She is the author of
the exciting adventure series featuring 12-year-old Amanda Ross who loves to
travel. Readers of all ages enjoy travelling with Amanda as she unravels one
mystery after another in countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Spain,
England, Germany, Holland and her own country, Canada. When not travelling
herself, Darlene divides her time between the sunny Costa Blanca of Spain and
the west coast of Canada.

Head over to enjoy this Q & A with Debby Gies and Darlene Foster:

D. G. Kaye – Buy: Amazon USBlog: D.G. Writes Goodreads: D.G. Kaye on Goodreads

Catch up with Debby’s Travel Column here every month: The Travel Column with D.G. Kaye

And the next post today is from Richard Dee and his final Indie showcase before 2020 with author Emily Moore

Creating Awe in Two Middle Grade Genres

Within the broad range of children’s literature, writing middle grade claims my heart. The writers digest definition of middle grade includes age of characters and readers, novel length, and a voice that resonates with innocence, hopeful, happy endings, and a character surrounded by family and friends. Another element of middle grade that I adore is a sense of wonder from the characters, their circumstances, and the people closest to them. It permeates every middle grade novel, no matter the genre.

One of my favorite beta readers Russell Pike taught me this important factor with Word comments like “this seems too mature” and “where’s her sense of awe here?” By asking these questions, I came to understand how middle grade readers view the world around them. My eight-year-old daughter reiterates this to me daily. As a result, when I edit each novel, I do a sweep in which I look for ways to add that sense of excitement and adventure into each page.

Head over to enjoy the rest of Emily’s showcase and discover her books: Richard Dee’s Scifi – Indie Showcase

Richard Dee, buy: Amazon US Website: Richard Dee’s ScifiGoodreads: Richard Dee at Goodreads

Please go to Amazon or Richard’s website to view all his books.


I have two links for you now that are not in the spirit of the festive season as they are regarding the same book promoter who has ripped off authors in our community in a despicable way.  Whilst the topic is not full of the season of goodwill, the more people who know about this scam and remember the name (s) of the person responsible, the better. People who do this to hard working writers and take their money, depriving charities of their funds, deserve to be named and shamed.

The first is from author Christoph Fischer

Here is a little warning about a “service” I subscribed to recently:
Wid Bastian of Genius Media who now has a new business named Kairos Phoenix Company (KPC).

I’m usually sceptical when it comes to professional indie author support but was taken in by his string of box sets. So many authors couldn’t be wrong?

Our book, Do No Harm, A collection of Medical thrillers, did well. Thanks to advertising and our own huge efforts we made USA Today and gathered 1.5 millions page reads during the short time it was in KU.

Two charities were named for this set, both 501c3 charities in the US and were to receive the pre-order proceeds. The charities advertised and marketed the set along with the authors. I’ve seen predominantly the marketing efforts from charities and the authors involved – actually next to nothing from his company.

Head over to read the rest of the post and discover more about the person in questions and some of his various aliases: Warning of Promotional Service by Wid Sebastian

and the second post regarding the same promoter from Dan Alatorre

I recently became a USA Today bestselling, something I’m very proud of. But in the process, Wid Bastian, an alleged marketer, stole more than $20,000 from me and other authors I worked with.

That’s not okay.

(I have no concerns about what follows because the truth is the best defense. Here goes.)
The idea was…

cross market between 17 authors, our fan bases, our newsletter subscribers (some of these authors have 30,000 subscribers!), buy ads, AND – this is big – get a few big charities to work with us: we’d give 100% of the preorder money to the charities if they advertised our book to their donor list (that’s tens of thousands of people, gang).
So… we did.

Head over to read the rest of the story and find out about accomplices: Dan Alatorre – Wid Bastian ripped me off.

So sorry to end on a negative note today but it is so important that you do not get taken in by those who promise to promote your books without the data to back up their claims.. I was approached by some during the year and I wrote a post in August on the subject: The only numbers which are accurate are their prices.

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope that you will head over to read the posts in full.. thanks Sally.


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