Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Christmas Book Fair – My recommended books for 2019.

It has been an amazing year for books and I only wish I had read more. However, one of my projects for 2020 is to set aside more time to appreciate the work of other authors.

These are the books that I have enjoyed and reviewed over the last twelve months and I hope that you will head over and check out the reviews and add them to your own reading list for 2020.

I have many more on my TBR that I am going to be working on over the holidays and I aim to write a weekly review in 2020.

If you click on the links they will take you to my review and buy links for the books.. thanks Sally

Post Apocalyptic – Blackthorn by Terry Tyler

Doggerel: Life with a Small Dog by Sue Vincent

A Southern Season Stories from a Front Porch Swing

Romance by Jacquie Biggar Skating on Thin Ice

Vikings: Taken (The Great Heathen Army series Book 1 by Ceri Bladen

Mistaken Identity by James J. Cudney

Thriller – Passport to Death by Yigal Zur

Poetry – The New Asylum by Frank Prem

History: A Bit About Britain by Mike Biles

Afghanistan: Silent Heroes by Patricia Furstenberg

Children’s Space Dust by Eloise de Sousa

Historic Adventure – Quest for Home by Jacqui Murray

Mystery – Braxton Campus Mysteries 3 – Flower Power Trip by James J. Cudney

Contemporary Fiction – The Magic Carpet by Jessica Norrie

Thriller – The Perfect Assassin by Ward Larson

History: Mahoney by Andrew Joyce

Thriller: Desolation Bluff by Toni Pike

Mystery – Braxton Campus Mysteries 2 – Broken Heart Attack by James J. Cudney

Fantasy: Swimming for Profit and Pleasure – Jim Webster

Post Apocalyptic – Hope by Terry Tyler

Poetry: Devil in the Wind by Frank Prem

Anthology: Understanding compiled by Stevie Turner

Historic Adventure – Survival of the Fittest by Jacqui Murray

Poetry: Small Town Kid by Frank Prem

Short Stories More Glimpses by Hugh W. Roberts

Mystery – Braxton Campus Mysteries 1 -Academic Curveball by James J. Cudney

Fantasy; The Beast Within – Mended Souls Book two by Jacquie Biggar

Fairies Myths and Magic by Colleen M. Chesebro

I hope you will explore my reviews for these books further and enjoy them as much as I did.. thanks Sally.

49 thoughts on “Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore – Christmas Book Fair – My recommended books for 2019.

  1. Thank you so much for this great list of books to keep me busy in 2020 – and thank you so much for the honour of including Desolation Bluff. I hope you have a wonderful New Year, Sally – you deserve it. Toni x

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  2. Congratulations to all the authors who’ve made the list and thanks for the recommendations, Sally! I’ve read one of the books and have a few more on my list. It has been a great year for books and I hope 2020 will be as good if not better! ♥

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  6. Thank you so very much, Sally – I’ve got a dreadful cold and the sequel to Hope is giving me lots of headaches, so this has really put a smile on my face!!!

    Many, many thanks for all your support; you are one of the best, and I hope Lady Karma shines on you as she should xx

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  7. Reblogged this on Toni Pike and commented:
    I’m delighted to reblog this article from Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore in Smorgasbord Blog Magazine. Sally Cronin has listed her recommended books from 2019 – and I feel so honoured to have DESOLATION BLUFF included. There is something for every taste, so if you’re looking for a book to read then don’t miss this.

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