Bloggers Recognition Award nomination and 2019 wrap up.

I nominated Silvia Todesco of Italian Goodness for the Bloggers Recognition Award, for her wonderful contributions each month to Smorgasbord but also for her fantastic blog… In this lovely post Silvia responds with some of her own nominees that I shall certainly be following.

A taste of Italy on your table every day

Hello my dear friends!

It’s not very typical of me writing post not directly concerning food, but this year so many good things happened to me that I feel the duty to share it, not much for bragging (or maybe a little bit, LOL), but mostly to thank you all for your support, encouragement and appreciation.

blogger recognition award1. I started my ITALIAN HOME BAKERY  and set a booth at my local FARMERS MARKET,  and even if it has been only for a few months, I’ve already started collecting quite a few personal gratifications. like being on a TV interview and starting a monthly column in the QUAD CITIES MOM’S BLOG.

2.  My second achievement will probably make laugh many of you (because you already have reached a decent popularity and tons of followers): my ITALIANGOODNESS FB page reached 1K followers  on DECEMBER FIRST which happens to be my BIRTH DAY…

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