Donation to a Bushfire Appeal

If you would like to make a donation to the Australian Bushfire Appeal Frank has all the details… and he is offering a link to a reading of his poems when you donate. We have a lot of Australian authors and readers in our community and this is a lovely gesture to offer assistance.

Frank Prem Poetry

I’ve thought hard about how I can provide some personal encouragement for folk to make donations.

It seems to me that the best I can do is offer something that, perhaps, only I can do, which is record myself reading my own poems and making them available to anyone that makes a donation.

With that in mind I have made some mp3 files – eight in all – of my own reading of poems from the current set of bushfire poems, which is still being written, so they’re quite fresh in content and context.

If you make a donation, let me know and I can email a link to allow you to listen the poems.

Write to me using the email address:

If you decide to make a donation, please feel free to donate to whatever bushfire related charity appeals to you – there are lists of them around…

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4 thoughts on “Donation to a Bushfire Appeal

  1. Thank you for sharing, Sally. Thank you, also, in advance, to anyone who is able to make a donation.

    So much of Australia will never be the same. If you prefer to direct funds to help wildlife, there are some wonderful organisations working hard on their behalf. I suspect the plight of our animals may be greater than that of humans.

    Thank you, again.

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