Found in a Hutch

Something to start your day right… the results of last week’s Carrot Ranch Challenge to write a story about a hutch… for a pet or your dishes… depending where you live. Talented authors put their spin on the prompt…

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

A hutch can be a simple outdoor container for chickens on a ranch, or a simple chest to store saddles. Hutches can also be crafted into fine furniture that holds a person’s treasured dishes. Like a wardrobe, a hutch has many possibilities in storytelling.

Writers were asked to look inside. As you would expect, a wide variety of items were found.

The following is based on the January 2, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about something found in a hutch.

PART I (10-minute read)

Heirlooms by D. Avery

She used to keep the better china in it. Then pretty knickknacks and collectibles. Things she thought one of her children, or grandchildren, even great-grandchildren might want to have. One day.

Now framed photographs lined the shelves of the hutch, all in order— children, grandchildren, great grandchildren; first-born to last-born.

She sighed. There were more…

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7 thoughts on “Found in a Hutch

  1. Sorry I missed that competition. I once heard screams from the garden, only to rush out and discover my daughter stuck in our rabbit hutch. She had somehow managed to get herself stuck in the run part of the cage. I had to get her to lay sideways and somehow get back through the rabbit-sized hol.
    This was many years ago now.

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