Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday January 21st 2020 – #Sunshineblogger Karen Ingalls, #BletchleyPark Mike Biles, #AuthorSpotlight James J. Cudney with Zach Abrams

It is award season and it is a wonderful way to recognise fellow bloggers.. Karen Ingalls has responded to her two nominations and if you would like to know more about her books and her interests, please head over and enjoy the two sets of questions she has answered.

I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by two bloggers, D.L. Finn and Ron Yates. I am honored and thrilled. The award is given out by members of the blogging community in recognition of their inspiring, creative, and motivational blogs.

My thanks to both Ms. Finn and Ron Yates whose blogs are uniquely different and yet both well worth the time to read. Author D. L. Finn is one of my favorite blogs ( Her philosophy is Embrace your inner child by reading a good book. Ms. Finn has written biographies, children, poetry, paranormal, and short stories.

Mr. Yates blog can be found at His blogs often challenge the reader about certain social or historical issues as well as supporting authors and their books. He is an award-winning author of action books, historical fiction, and former foreign correspondent.

Part of the nomination process requires that I answer 11 questions. Here are the eleven questions, D.L. Finn has asked me to answer. You may well learn something new about me.

1. How long have you been blogging? I have been blogging?

To find out that and to enjoy the rest of the questions and find out who Karen has nominated in turn please follow the link: Karen Ingalls Sunshine Blogger Award

Karen Ingalls, buy the books: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Follow Karen: Goodreads – Blog: Karen Ingalls

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Now for a post from Mike Biles of Bit About Britain, and it is Part One of the story of Bletchley Park from January 10th, and you will find Part Two published on January 17th

Bletchley Park, Station X

Part 1 – Enigma and Ultra

This is Bletchley Park. To all intents and purposes, it’s a nondescript, somewhat ugly, large Victorian mansion and estate just north of London. But what went on at Bletchley Park was extraordinary: it changed the course of the Second World War, and the world. From 1939-46, this was the Government Code and Cipher School (GC&CS), the place where enemy Enigma codes were broken which, as a consequence, saved countless lives and resulted in the war being shortened by at least two years. Some say. Of course, there’s far more to it than even that remarkable statement implies. Inevitably, the more you peel away the layers of the Bletchley Park legend, the more its complexities, connections and contradictions are revealed. I suspect that no one knows the full story and, probably, no one ever will.

Bletchley Park, Buckinghamshire

Bletchley Park is now a thriving visitor attraction. But for years after the war, most people knew nothing about it. Renowned historians wrote entire histories of the Second World War without once referencing the vital part that Bletchley Park played. The landmark television series, ‘World at War’,(Amazon link), first screened in 1973-74 and still remarkable viewing today, doesn’t mention Bletchley at all. It made no appearance in my edition of ‘Total War’, a recommended book on the conflict when I was a history undergraduate, despite one of its distinguished authors, Peter Calvocoressi, having served at Bletchley Park as an RAF intelligence officer. One of the many astonishing things about the Bletchley Park legend is that it remained a secret from the public for so long. There was an understandably obsessive sense of secrecy at the time of course, but some of the families of those that worked there never had a clue what their loved ones did. Despite the fact that ‘Station X’, as Bletchley was referred to, grew from something of a cottage industry to a huge complex that, including outstations, employed perhaps 10,000 people, everyone had signed the Official Secrets Act and most kept shtum. Careless talk costs lives; and, anyway, they’d given their word. The first the world at large knew of Bletchley and what happened there came in 1974 with the publication of a book, ‘The Ultra Secret’ by ex-intelligence officer F W Winterbotham. But Winterbotham’s account was nowhere near comprehensive; nor, apparently, was it wholly accurate. Bit by bit, over the years, more details have been drip-fed into the public consciousness. Some of it makes you wonder. No one should be surprised if aspects of this beguiling chapter in our history remain classified even now.

Images ©Mike Biles

Head over to read the rest of this fascinating look at Bletchley Park and its significance in British history: Bletchley Park – Enigma- Ultra – Bit About Britain with Mike Biles

Mike Biles, Buy: Amazon UK – And : Amazon US – Follow Mike on : Goodreads – Website: A Bit About Britain

And the final post today is the most recent author spotlight from James J. Cudney, and this week his guest is crime writer Zach Abrams.

Author Spotlight: Zach Abrams with James J. Cudney

Today’s post is an author spotlight. You’ll get to know the author and the author’s books, view book covers and marketing campaigns, read an interview between the author and me, and discover where to learn more about the author’s work, including social media contact links. Let’s meet…

Zach and I met through our publisher, Next Chapter. We’ve been catching up in the company chat rooms and sharing each other’s work on social media. I will be reading one of his books later this year too. We’re highlighting him in today’s blog post because it’s LAUNCH DAY for his latest stand-alone thriller, 133 Hours. Congratulations Zach! Below you’ll find an overview of the author, all the key social media contact information, the list of books he’s published, and an excerpt from his new release. Let’s get to know Zach a bit better…

Find out more about Zach Abrams and his books, including his most recent release 133 Hours: Author Spotlight James J. Cudney with Zach Abrams

James J. Cudney, Buy: Amazon US and:  Amazon UK  – Website/Blog: This is my truth nowGoodreads: James J. Cudney
N.B..Broken Heart Attack (recommended) is only 99c to download until 25th January.

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy these posts in full.. thanks Sally

18 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Tuesday January 21st 2020 – #Sunshineblogger Karen Ingalls, #BletchleyPark Mike Biles, #AuthorSpotlight James J. Cudney with Zach Abrams

  1. Sally, you deserve the Sunshine Blogger Award for all the interesting blogs you write, promoting authors and their books, and sharing your talents as a writer. Today’s blog is a perfect example. Thank you.

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  2. Sally, you deserve the Sunshine Blogger Award for all the interesting blogs you write, promoting authors and their books, and sharing your talents as a writer. Today’s blog is a perfect example. Thank you.

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