Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Wednesday 22nd January 2020 #Interview Kellie Butler with Judith Barrow, #Interview Jo Lambert with Jane Risdon, #Dogs by Debbie the Dog Lady

The first post is from the blog of Kellie Butler and is the recent interview with family saga author Judith Barrow, talking about her series set in the North of England about the Howarth Family (highly recommended).

Northern Reads featuring Judith Barrow

It’s Friday, and that means another edition of Northern Reads! I’m chuffed to have fellow historical fiction and saga author Judith Barrow on the blog today with her fantastic Haworth family trilogy, featuring one book set in Lancashire.

Welcome, Judith! Tell us more about the Haworth Family Trilogy.

The three books are historical family sagas, often described as gritty. Although they are a trilogy set around the same family, each book also stands alone. The first of the trilogy is Pattern of Shadows, set in Lancashire between 1944 and 1945. The story was inspired by Glen Mill, a disused cotton mill in Lancashire, which was the first German POW camp. Glen Mill brought back a personal memory of my childhood. My mother was a winder in a similar mill. I would often go to wait for her to finish work on my way home from school. I remember: the muffled boom of noise as I walked across the yard and the sudden clatter of so many different machines as I stepped through a small door cut into a great wooden gate; the women singing and shouting above the noise, of them whistling for more bobbins; the colours of the cotton and cloth. Above all I remember the smell: of oil, grease – and in the storage area – the lovely smell of the new material stored in bales. And the sound of the siren, announcing the end of the shift.

Head over to enjoy the rest of this interview: Northern Reads featuring Judith Barrow

Books are available: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Follow Kellie on: Goodreads

About Kellie Butler

Kellie Butler is the author of Beneath a Moonless Sky, Before the Flood, and The Broken Tree, all part of the bestselling The Laurelhurst Chronicles series. Born in the deep south and educated at Mississippi State University and Louisiana State University, she has travelled and lived around the globe. Besides writing books, she enjoys knitting, yoga, cooking, hiking, classical film, her MSU Bulldogs, and her dog, Chippy. She lives in Arizona with her family.

Judith Barrow, buy: Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – Follow Judith: Goodreads – blog: Judith Barrow

Another great interview was conducted by Jo Lambert and her guest was crime writer Jane Risdon.

Author interview: Jane Risdon’s Life of Crime

Today I’m hosting fellow author Jane Risdon who has dropped in to chat about her work. I pitched a series of questions to her and these are Jane’s responses…
Jane with Only One Woman and Undercover: Crime Shorts

Hi Jo, thanks for asking me back on to your fab blog. I really enjoy visiting and discovering what you will ask me next. A challenge is always such fun. I do hope your readers enjoy my latest offering.

What attracts me to writing crime?

Well, for starters it is not the blood and guts or the horror of crime, whether it is a murder, fraud, or some other law breaking. I’ve had to think hard about this question but I think it is the puzzle at the heart of most crimes: who did it, how, why, and sometimes even when and where? They’re all questions I like to be asked as a reader, and which I endeavour to ask and eventually answer in my own writing.

I don’t write police procedures and I don’t get into the psychological why and wherefores with my characters. I lay a series of clues and red-herrings often, as the crime unfolds, and I try to keep the reader guessing, engaged and trying to solve it themselves right until the end.

I also read a lot of espionage thrillers for the very same reasons I love reading crime stories.

Head over to read the rest of this fascinating interview with Jane Risdon: Jo Lambert interviews Jane Risdon

Jo Lambert Books

I am the author of eight novels all based in the West Country. My first five novels collectively known as The Little Court Series, were linked books. Part historical/ part contemporary saga it covered forty years and followed the lives and loves of four young women – Ella, Issy, Rachel and Jenny. Last year I decided to withdraw these with a view to updating and republishing at some future date. The first, The Other Side of Morning has been reworked as a stand alone and republished under the new title Wicked Game. The others will remain a linked series and are currently a work in progress.

Books by Jo Lambert: Jo Lambert’s books

Jane Risdon, Buy:Amazon UK – And:  Amazon US–   Blog:Jane Risdon WordPressGoodreads:Jane Risdon Goodreads

And now a post from Debbie the Dog Lady who asks a very important question…and one that requires careful consideration.

So you want to get a dog? Questions to ask yourself, first

Many people, often inspired by children’s pleas, movies or other media decide they want to get a dog, despite having no prior experience and without considering all the ramifications. This can lead to neglect, abandonment or worse.

Before plunging into dog ownership, please keep in mind these are living, loving beings who require a life-long commitment and should never, ever be “disposable”. Think of them as four-legged children and ask yourselves the following questions:

Do I genuinely desire a dog, or is this an impulse reaction to external stimuli?

Do I understand the costs involved?
(the dog itself, veterinary care including spay/neuter procedures,
food, dishes, treats, beds, toys, grooming, training, holiday boarding, workday walking, etc.)

To read the rest of the post and its questions: So you want to get a dog – The Dog Lady’s Den

About DebbieHello from Toronto!

Thanks for visiting my little corner of the internet. Let me entertain you with memoirs, photos, travelogues, creative writing pieces, music galore and so much more.

I was born in Germany, now living in Canada. My mother was German and my father, Canadian of German descent. They met in 1953, during his first posting to her homeland, following a tour of duty in Korea. This makes me an “Army Brat”.

I speak English, German, some French, a little Italian and a smattering of Spanish. I love music, travel and of course dogs.

Connect to Debbie Twitter: @debbiedoglady – Facebook: Dog Lady’s Den – Instagram: The Dog Lady’s Den

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to enjoy the posts in full… thanks Sally.


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  1. Three lovelies here today Sal. Nice to see Judith back in the blogosphere getting some kudos, along with Jane. Deb’s post is a good article for people who want pets and forget about the parts that are important to their wellbeing – like walking them! I sadly know a few lazy people who created lazy and overweight dogs because of no exercise. ❤

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  2. Reblogged this on Jane Risdon and commented:
    I am chuffed to be reblogged by Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord and also for being interviewed by the fab Jo Lambert about my crime writing and forensics and more. Drop-in and give us a whirl. It was fun for me, hope it is fun for you too.

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