A lovely response to the Sunshine Blogger Award from Jan Sikes who was nominated by D.L. Finn, Gwen Plano, Ron Yates and myself. Jan selected three questions to respond to from each of us and great answers, including one of mine involving a biker bust up in Dallas…wow. #recommended

Writing and Music

I am beyond honored to receive several nominations for the Sunshine Blogger Award!!

Thank you, D.L. Finn, Sally Cronin, Ron Yates and Gwen Plano for the nominations!

That gives me 44 questions to answer and I’m not going to attempt to do that, so I am going to answer three questions from each blogger, focusing on the ones that are most relevant.

Gwen Plano asks:

  1. What motivates you to write? Honestly, the biggest motivation for me to write is a new inspiration for a story. If I am in the middle of one story and get a big idea for another, it takes all my patience to simply jot a few notes and keep going with what I am working on. There is nothing like the adrenaline rush I get when a new story idea arrives!
  2. Do you eavesdrop on your characters, or craft them to fit the…

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  1. Congratulations to Jan on receiving four nominations. While I’m not familiar with her work, it says a lot about her that four people thought to nominate her. (I’m definitely motivated to go to her site now.) Kudos to her for finding a way to acknowledge each of the four in her post.

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