Meet poet and writer, Sally Cronin, and a review of her latest book

I am delighted to be featured today in the first of a new series Treasuring Poetry on Writing to be Read (Kaye Lynne Booth)interviewed by Robbie Cheadle…A wonderful opportunity to share the poems that I love to read, and delighted that Robbie has also shared her recent review of Life’s Rich Tapestry.. and if you would like to know the two poems I chose…please head over to find out…

Writing to be Read

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Today is the start of a new poetry appreciation series here on Writing to be Read where I will be introducing you to a number of wonderful poets in our blogging community, discussing well known poets and their poetry and reviewing poetry books. I hope you will participate in the discussions and enjoy meeting and greeting the poets, both new and known to you, and discovering new books of poetry.

My first guest is accomplished poet and writer, Sally Cronin, of Smorgasbord Blog Magazine blog. Sally has recently published a new book of poetry, 99-word flash fiction and short stories called, Life’s Rich Tapestry: Woven in words which I have reviewed below. Before we get there, however, Sally is going to share her thoughts about her favourite poem, The Law of the Jungle by Rudyard Kipling. 

Over to Sally

What is your favourite poem?

That is an extremely tough question…

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