January 30: Flash Fiction

Get ready to flex your creative muscles for this week’s Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction set by Charli Mills.. this week the prompt is a mail carrier in extreme conditions… I look forward to seeing the recap.. I am sure there will be some great responses.

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

A wisp of tarragon grows from a small pot in my windowsill, a gentle summer monk on a cold winter path to enlightenment. Or maybe not. Maybe, a frail twig of indoor tarragon dreams that one day it might be a hardy spear outside rooted in real dirt. How about — the emergence of tarragon in winter was unexpected as a pregnancy at age 50. Even — the tarragon leaned like a colt on spindly legs toward the window, seeking sunnier pastures.

What am I doing here, you might be pondering? I’m characterizing the upstart of growth in my kitchen herb box, surprised by the frail determination of tarragon I thought dormant. You see, this term of my MFA focuses on character development. Not only do I get to be Dr. Frankenstein to Danni Gordon, but I’m also tasked to bring life to her novel-mates. Thus, I’m practicing on a…

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  2. Very interesting again, even we had now snow here, and i really hope we do not get any till summer. 😉 Have a beautiful weekend, Sally! Psst: Only half an hour before freedom for the UK. 😉 Just watching a recorded message of the UK prime minister. Michael

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