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A full house today with lots of great posts out there…

The first post is on the blog of Sue of Sizzling towards Sixty – Over 50 lifestyle blogger for Women and is a guest post by author Toni Pike, who had a medical emergency whilst on holiday in 2019 that resulted in her taking stock of many aspects of her lifestyle.

 Making Positive Changes in My Life in 2020

I’m retired, and my main hobby over the last four years has been writing thrillers. In fact, I had become somewhat of an author-holic, working long hours on my writing and probably pushing myself too hard. However, in 2019 I also had other concerns that were wearing me down.

One of my main passions over the last ten years has been travelling, and I was on a four-week trip to France, England and Germany when disaster struck. The tour of Northern France was incredible, and then we spent eleven days in northern England, visiting the Lake District, Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland and Durham. A strange headache had been bothering me for a few days, and was still there the night before we were due to fly to Germany for a 12-day tour.

I never made it, instead having an emergency medical episode that kept me in hospital for several days and could have killed me. I was back home in Australia a week later, and thankfully I’ve recovered well. But I totally believe that my medical problems were brought on by stress and emotional anxiety, which had also caused exhaustion from lack of sleep. On top of that, a hectic travel schedule had led to migraines and even more fatigue.

Head over to read the rest of Toni’s post and make a note of some of the steps you might take to make some healthy changes to your own lifestyle: Ageing, Living Well by Making Positive Changes by Toni Pike

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About Sue

Women Over 50

Welcome! Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond is a place for Women Over 50 to learn, experience & enjoy. I’m Sue and I’m here to share tips on Health & Wellness, Lifestyle, How to Rediscover Yourself   and Thrive After 50.

The next post is by Pete Springer and is a lovely showcase about fellow blogger Jim Borden.

Jim Borden-Blogger Extraordinaire

I’m coming up on my first anniversary of blogging in March. It’s been a great ride getting to know folks out in the blogosphere. One quality I enjoy the most about my new hobby is the variety of blogs that exist. It didn’t take me long to realize that one has to be selective when signing up for others’ blogs, or I could spend the entire day reading and responding to everyone and not have time for anything else. There truly is something for everyone.

One of the more interesting characters I’ve met in the last year is Jim Borden, the creator of the blog, Borden’s Blather I immediately was attracted to his tagline, “Drop in daily for your regular dose of nonsensical blather.” As a guy who enjoys poking a little fun at life and himself, I can tell that Jim and I are similar in that area.

Head over to enjoy finding out more about Jim Borden and he is well worth following, along with Pete Springer for excellent posts: Jim Borden – Blogger Extraodinaire by Pete Springer

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The next post by Meeks – Author ACFlory…and it shares a very disturbing story about phone apps, sold data and more sinister buyers who may not have advertising on their agenda. Recommended by The Story Reading Ape

The Price of Convenience

I’ve been concerned about online privacy for a couple of years now, but the article I just read still shocked me. It’s titled ‘Your Apps Know Where You Were Last Night, And They’re Not Keeping It Secret’.

You can read the entire article here: New York Times – Business – Location- Data Privacy

I’ve had geo location turned off on my phone since I bought it, but until today, I always felt a little silly; was I being paranoid for no real reason?

You may be wondering that too, but the case study of Lisa Magrin, a 46-year-old math teacher, may change your mind. It certainly confirmed my fears.

An app on the device [smart phone] gathered her location information, which was then sold without her knowledge. It recorded her whereabouts as often as every two seconds, according to a database of more than a million phones in the New York area that was reviewed by The New York Times. While Ms. Magrin’s identity was not disclosed in those records, The Times was able to easily connect her to that dot.

Head over to read the rest of this post and perhaps review what apps you have on your phone and who might have a direct line to them: The Price of Convenience

A selection of books by ACFlory: Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – Follow: Goodreads

And lastly today a post from Sue Vincent on The Silent Eye and it explores how our experiences influence the understanding and use of words in our language.

Living knowledge

blood moon 010
Crepuscular!” He was getting desperate now, having exhausted his list of the most obscure words. His face fell as I gave him the definition. He tried another and scowled… “How do you do that?”

“I read.” The words he dangled before me, trying to catch me out, may not be common in verbal usage, but they have cropped up often enough in books to learn their meaning through meeting them in different contexts and from different angles. Except for unfamiliar technical terms, I don’t look up words when I read. It isn’t necessary to fully understand every word to experience a story… you need, instead, to enter fully into the tale and feel it as you read. Over decades of reading, you encounter words in so many phrases that your understanding of their layers of meaning evolves and eventually becomes clear.

Head over to read the post in full and discover more about how living knowledge expands the understanding and usage of words we use daily: Living Knowledge by Sue Vincent

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Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over and read these posts in full. Thanks Sally.

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  1. I follow Jim and Pete’s blogs regularly.
    Phones being tracked make good plots for our stories, but do we know whose following us? I guess most of us assume nobody would be that interested, but… how often does Facebook tell us where someone is having their dinner?

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  2. We love traveling also, Toni. But I don’t think I could be away from home for four weeks, probably two weeks would be maximum at this point. Sorry to hear you have to be in the hospital, but good to hear you were better when you got home in Australia.

    You’ve been doing great in your first year of blogging, Pete. You’ve made so many friends already. I remember my first year of blogging and many of them are still in connection.

    Thank you, Sally, for sharing these posts. ❤

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  3. Lately, my phone tells me how many minutes I’m away from some coffee place in town—somewhere I’ve never frequented. How odd is that? One might assume that I’m a frequent user of these drive-up coffee places, but I rarely go to any, and why does my phone keep telling me about this one specific place?

    I’ve read many of Sue’s excellent pieces before, but thanks for introducing me to AC and Toni today, Sally.

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  4. Excellent and informative picks Sal. Lovely tribute to Jim from Pete, congrats again to Toni, Sue is a delight to read, but that phone stuff is scary. Also, nothing new on the stolen information front if you’re a member of Facebook, they’ve already stolen everything from us. 😦 ❤

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  5. Hi Sally, Thank you so much for including my article in this wonderful collection. I loved the interview with Jim Borden, and so scary to learn more about internet privacy. Toni x

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  6. Reblogged this on Toni Pike and commented:
    I was thrilled to be featured in Smorgasbord Blogger Daily. I’m in great company, with a wonderful author interview and a fascinating article on Internet privacy aslo included.

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