Smorgasbord Blogger Daily – Friday 14th February 2020 – #Afghanistan Mary Smith, #NewBook Teagan Geneviene, #AuthorPromotion Susan M. Toy

The first post is from author Mary Smith and a regular feature here in the blogger daily with her Afghan adventures. This week the new clinic is not being built as quickly as anticipated which involves some camping… brilliant as always.

MarySmith’sPlace – Afghan adventures #21 – in which we go camping.

IMG_0005 (Custom)

When we arrived home, everyone trooped out to welcome me and I felt extraordinarily glad to be back, although there was an air of suppressed excitement about Hussain which made me wonder what was afoot.

Ali Baba and Ismail vied with each other telling me tales of the recent fighting. Throughout my stay in Malestan I had never heard a shot fired in anger, nor heard of any fighting. The three Parties in that district seemed content to maintain a peaceful status quo – or perhaps they shared Mubarak’s apathy for anything troublesome.

While I was unpacking Hussain asked, ‘Well, Mum, what did you think of Malestan?’ Before I could open my mouth, he proceeded to answer the question himself, ‘The people are not as educated as Jaghoray people, and of course they are much poorer.’

I replied, ‘Well, I admit Jaghoray is more prosperous but Malestan is peaceful – and the women are much more free, which I liked.’

Hussain snorted. ‘Free? Free to work all day in the fields! Is that what you call freedom? Our women don’t need to be field workers. Their husbands can provide for them; they are free to stay at home.’ I was still trying to formulate a suitable reply, hampered by my knowledge that in the UK in the 1950s and 60s some men did not want their wives to take jobs outside the home because it reflected badly on their ability to provide for their families, but Hussain had moved on.

Head over to find out about the camp set up and the mods and cons, including a loo with a view: Mary Smith Afghan Adventure 21 – Camping

Mary Smith, Buy: Amazon US – and: Amazon UK – Website: Mary SmithGoodreads: Goodreads


The next post is from Teagan Geneviene announcing the release of a novelette in time for Valentine’s Day… Fiona Finch & the Pink Valentine.

Fiona Finch n the Pink Valentine


“Shoo, Quellie! Shoo. Get out from under foot,” I told the duck, and shook my skirt at her…

“Fiona… What have you done to those wonderful cherries?” my brother asked in a resigned tone. “And where is Quellie? I thought she had caused your caterwauling.”

“Heaven knows. What difference does it make, as long as the dreadful duck is out of the kitchen?” I replied.

“Here, let me do that. You’ve made too big of a pot. At least the dye has cooled down now,” Steele commented.

Thrilled quacking and squawking ensued when Steele poured the warm cherry water. The duck fluttered up to the counter and landed in the rosy waterfall of juice. Pink splashes coated half the kitchen as Quellie happily flapped in the basin. Steele and I were also covered with cherry splatter.

The e-book is just 99 cents.  Universal link to e-book.

Head over to find out more details: Teagan Geneviene – New Release

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The final post today is from author and author promoter Susan M. Toy who offers a wonderful  marketing opportunity Susan is showcasing authors that she has promoted before and updated their information and latest work. In her latest feature she shares the work of Frank Beltrano

Frank Beltrano
Authors-Readers International

Frank Beltrano starts his day with a gourmet cup of freshly hand-ground filter-dripped coffee, usually in a cup stamped with the word “create”. As he sips and writes his early morning pages, a drop or two of coffee slips between his lips and the lip of the cup, runs down over the word “create” creating a Jackson Pollack-ish masterpiece. Mr. Pollack rolls over in his grave, mumbles, “Great, you fucking thief” and Frank’s day moves on from there.

Lately his love, Marie-Claire Roussel, brings him a glass of “sunshine”, freshly squeezed orange juice sprinkled with coconut, in a glass decorated with Joan Miro-ish designs. Miro’s grave is not disturbed by this. The glass comes from a museum in Barcelona that honors him. It was given to Frank by his youngest daughter, Julia who greatly appreciates visual art and is a wizard with computers. Frank is not. Frank has another, slightly older daughter, Vicky who in turn has two daughters, Beatrice and Lucie. Vicky is an architect applying her skills to designing family and small structures in lego.

But we digress. The question has been put to us by Ms. Toy, “What and where has Frank published?”

To find out more about Frank Beltrano and his work: A R International Frank Beltrano

Susan M. Toy, Buy: Amazon US – And: Amazon UK – Follow Susan: Goodreads

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope that you will head over to read the posts in full.. thanks Sally.

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