Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 9th to 15th February 2020 – Food, Music, Guest, New book releases, Book Reviews and Laughter.

Welcome to the round up with some posts you might have missed here on Smorgasbord during the week.

I hope that those of you who celebrated Valentine’s Day had a wonderful time… we always enjoy even after 40 years, but this year we managed to both buy the same card for each other which we had a good laugh about… luckily there were a few others that were anonymous to make up for it!!

It was my 67th birthday on Thursday and rather than go out for a meal we decided to indulge in pizzas and ice cream. We don’t give birthday gifts anymore since I have more clothes, handbags and shoes than a department store, don’t have occasion to wear bling very much, and don’t need something else to dust. The most precious gift to me is that we are still going strong and able to eat pizza and laugh.  But I did have a few friends over for tea… virtually.

A wild and windy couple of weeks with the odd day of sunshine as one storm front drives through after another. We are not as badly off as many, especially those who live on the wild Atlantic coastline in the west of Ireland. Nor do we get the snowfalls that those in Britain can expect. And there are a number of storms brewing of a different kind around the world from more floods in Australia to the increasing momentum of the coronavirus.

Whilst naturally are very concerned about catching the virus there is already a fallout that is impacting millions. The travel industry is going to be badly affected as will the tourist industries of many countries around the world as airlines stop services in and out of China and people decide not to fly unless absolutely necessary.

I was looking at the images of the normally very busy Chinatown in the heart of London where we have spent many a lovely evening sampling crispy duck and dim sum. Completely deserted with businesses seriously threatened and the jobs of thousands at risk. Unfortunately it is not just businesses that are threatened but also individuals who are being targeted for the ethnicity.

We have little option but to wait it out and hope that the measures being put in place will turn the tide. Personally I will not be flying in the next few months, especially into major airports. I normally avoid crowded events and places anyway with shopping done early in the morning.

For the elderly, the young and those with a compromised immune system the dangers are very real and it is important to make sure that they are isolated as much as possible from infection. Tough to do but frequent hand washing does help and when my mother was alive she was disappointed that hugging and kissing were banned!

Even though I am a strong advocate for natural therapies, there is no magic potion that can protect you completely. I do use tea tree lotion with a touch of silver on my hands and I am making sure I am getting plenty of vitamin C and D in my diet. Getting out in the fresh air on a daily basis is also a good idea as our centrally heated homes are very attractive to both bacteria and virus opportunists.

I hope by the time I share next week’s round up there will be better news…

Now time for the posts from the week and as always my thanks to contributors and guests for their amazing posts.

The Letter C – Calabash, Cajun, Curry, Cloud Eggs, Chilli and Calamari

Editor Sarah Calfee with a step by step guide to creating the perfect romance plot

Guest Writer Editor Sarah Calfee – The Romance Plot Sequence

The Wind Beneath My Wings from Beaches

Another two stories from the collection

Jane – The Surprise

Kenneth – A Love of Life

This week on  Colleen Chesebro Tanka Tuesday Poetry No 164 the prompts were very appropriate,’Love and Harmony’….. I have selected the synonyms ‘Passion and Rapport’

Etheree – Two Hearts

Shopping List by Nutrient – Part Six – Essential Fatty Acids

Trouble at Clenchers Mill by Diana J. Febry

Trillium by Margaret Lindsay Holton

Scifi Richard Dee, Romance Ritu Bhathal, Thriller Stevie Turner

Short Stories Karen Ingalls, Thriller Terry Tyler, Fantasy C.S. Boyack, Memoir D.G. Kaye

Afghanistan Patricia Furstenberg, Fantasy Kevin Cooper, Midlife Romance Sally Cronin


Reality informs Fiction – Trails in the Sand by P.C. Zick

FDR Barbara Ann Mojica meets Author Bret Baier

Haiku Dogs Released by Denis Young


Mystery Wish You Were Here by Janet Gogerty

Poetry – Who’s Worse by Stevie Turner

Interview Jill Weatherholt and John Howell, Delta Pearl Teagan Genviene, Roti Kool Kosher Kitchen

Valentine’s Day Amanda Cade, Valentine’s Dinner Carol Taylor, Mistaken Identity Anne R. Allen

Reading Robbie Cheadle, Books Teri Polen, Children’s books Jennie Fitzkee

Afghanistan Mary Smith, New Book Teagan Geneviene, Author Promotion Susan M. Toy

D. G. Kaye and her Guest Ann Patras

D.G. Kaye and her guest Ann Patras

Thank you for dropping in during the week and your support is very much appreciated.. thanks Sally.

29 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 9th to 15th February 2020 – Food, Music, Guest, New book releases, Book Reviews and Laughter.

  1. A great week, Sally. Thanks for including Jill and me in it. I’m one of those with a compromised immune system due to necessary infusions and have been taking precautions for over ten years. Hand washing a must. We have a rule that hands are washed every time we go out even for some air. I have found flying to be okay if three rules are followed. 1. Wear a high-quality surgical mask. 2. No touching of the face until hands are washed or sanitized. 3. Shirt and pants are changed at the destination. By following these general rules I have been free of infection (including the rhinovirus). The coronavirus is something that is going to require major intervention to control. The vaccine is a year away at least. In the meantime, everyone should avoid crowds and practice above normal hygiene. Obviously traveling to China should not be done. Thanks again.

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  2. Happy belated birthday, Sally. “We don’t give birthday gifts anymore since I have more clothes, handbags and shoes than a department store.” LOL! I think we might be related. 🙂 Thank you again for including my interview with our friend John. He’s such a great man. Like him, I also have a compromised immune system and do Remicade infusion for Crohn’s Disease. I’m am very cautious when it comes to germs. The ladies at my doctor’s office always laugh at me for passing around the hand wipes! 🙂

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  3. As you mention, the coronavirus is deadly and because of that there are a lot of misconceptions out there. It saddens me that the Chinese people are virtually becoming ostracized even though they have taken gargantuan steps to prevent the spread of the disease. I can’t imagine how frightening it must be for those in the Wuhan province and their families across the globe.

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  4. That’s a delightful story about you and your husband choosing the same cards. The same thing happened to my wife and me one year. The problem with giving out cards as we get older is some of them begin to look mighty familiar. Did I give her this one before? Ha-ha!

    Stellar week!

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  5. Very thoughtful commentary on the conditions of the world, Sally. I agree with you on the birthday’s. Ron was the day before you, and we enjoyed a slice each of lemon meriguene pie for two days! It was marvelous. I’m worried about this corvid 19 virus. We’re staying closer to home and not traveling either. Scary times we live in. I loved your poem for this week. Love is indeed, what will keep our world spinning around. ❤

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  6. Reblogged this on The Write Stuff and commented:
    Once again, Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord Blog’s Weekly Round-Up post is jam packed full of goodies. Funny videos, news about fellow writers, all sorts of great stuff. Check it out, and don’t forget to pass it along. Thanks, and thanks to Sally for assembling this weekly post. I really look forward to these! 🙂 ❤

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  7. Happy belated birthday, Sally. Your birthday celebration sounds fun. I prefer quiet ones, to tell you the truth. Here they’ve cancelled a major event, because a lot of the companies had decided not to come (no cases in Spain, touch wood), and there will be major loses, but nothing compared to the human toll. Stay safe and thanks for sharing such wonderful content. ♥

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