Smorgasbord Blog Magazine – Weekly Round Up – 16th – 22nd February 2020

Welcome to the weekly round up with posts that you might have missed on Smorgasbord during the week.

It is a windswept Saturday morning although thankfully it has stopped raining. I do feel so sorry for all those affected by the floods in the UK and other countries at the moment. Water is so destructive.

We came home after being away for two weeks at Christmas one year, and opened the door at midnight to find water running down the stairs and the whole house warm and humid, like a tropical greenhouse. Luckily our taxi driver from the airport was a plumber in his day job and he had his tools with him. He and my husband went into the attic and found that a hot water pipe had a one inch long rupture and had been pumping water out since a freeze within days of us going on holiday. We had left the heating to come on twice a day but it had not been sufficient to stop the pipe bursting.

Three ceilings had come down, all the wallpaper had peeled the walls and we lost around 700 books. I do tapestry and 8 large ones were steamed up beneath the glass of the frames, along with posters and prints,and all had to be dried out and re-framed over several weeks. We lost family photographs and clothing which was already covered in mildew. They wanted us to move into a hotel whilst humidifiers dried out the house, but we knew that opened the house up to being broken into.

All the walls were stripped back to the plaster and after 8 weeks three decorators came in and spent another 6 weeks repairing the damage. We managed to salvage some of the carpets but overall we lost so many items of sentimental including the books, most of which we had been collecting for 30 years. Whilst the insurance paid for replacements, those items that meant the most of us were gone forever.

We were lucky that we managed to salvage as much as we did and repair the damage, but so many over the last few weeks will not not necessarily have that outcome and have lost everything they own. Tragically there has also been loss of life as a result of the weather, and whilst material items and houses can be replaced, a life is the most precious and irreplaceable of them all.

Hopefully this wave of storm fronts will die away and we can look forward to a spring and summer that is less turbulent.

Time to get on with the posts from the week, and as always my thanks to contributors and guests for their wonderful posts… And to you for dropping by and supporting us all.

William Price King with John McLaughlin English Guitarist and Band Leader

Three more stories from this collection. ( I had a senior moment and posted two by mistake on Saturday)

Lily The Collector

Martha The System Administrator

Norman an Old Soldier

We have a lovely image this week, selected by Ritu Bhathal as the prompt for Colleen Chesebro Tanka Tuesday Poetry No 165 – Photoprompt

Shadorma – A Beacon by Sally Cronin

Psychological thriller – Warning Signs by Carol Balawyder

Over the last six weeks I have shared the nutrients we need to be healthy and their main food sources. This week I am pulling that all together to provide you with a one sheet shopping list. You just need to cut and paste into word and print off.

All the nutrients the body needs in one weekly grocery shopping list

This is the first post by author Annika Perry and I am sure as you read, memories of your own from your childhood and teenage years will resurface and be enjoyed…

Memories I Remember by Annika Perry

10 Step Plan to promote your boo by Scott Hughes reviewed by Barbara Ann Mojica

Little House on the Prairie, to Geography, to Maps, to Mount Rushmore, to History… And More by Jennie Fitzkee

How Long Does it Take to Write a Novel by Janet Gogerty

Writing Blogs about Writing by Stevie Turner

Love Poetry – Walk Away Silver Heart by Frank Prem

Dystopian The Colony Series Book One: Subject 36 by Teri Polen

Holly & Abby Series Book 4 – The Hidden Stairway by Janice Spina

Thriller, Death on the Move Book 3 by Colin Guest

Childrens Nicholas C. Rossis, Blogging Anne R. Allen, Scifi Jack Eason

YAParanormal Karen Demers Dowdall, Relationships Alex Craigie, Crime Reference Sue Coletta

Fantasy Julia Benally, Romance Linda Bradley, Mystery Lizzie Chantree

Interview Norah Colvin, Writing Eloise de Sousa, Horror Sue Vincent

Funnies Story Reading Ape, Short Story Beetley Pete, Recipe Richard Dee

History with John W. Howell, Booktour Charli Mills with MJ Mallon, Author Spotlight James Cudney with Sandra J. Jackson

Writing Scams Anne R. Allen, Afghanistan Mary Smith, Family Pete Springer

Chai and a Chat Ritu Bhathal, Oxford Mike Biles, Composting Brigid Gallagher

Debby Gies with some new finds and new material from Sally

More funnies from D. G. Kaye and some new material from Sally

Thank you very much for dropping in and look forward to seeing you again next week… thanks Sally.

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    And yet another wonderful, jam-packed weekly review from Sally Cronin on her fabulous Smorgasbord blog. Check it out! Lots of good stuff here. And don’t forget to watch the videos for some good laughs to start your day! Then, of course, pass it along, thanks. And thanks once again to Sally for this great recap! You ROCK (but then you knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?) 😀 ❤

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  2. Another week of rich content, Sally! What a great help you got coming back from travel with flooding in the house and your taxi driver was a plumber! The flooding happened to our neighbor, now, when we travel, we shut off the water!

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