CarolCooks2…weekly roundup 16th -22nd February 2020…

It is time for Carol Taylor’s weekly round up with a wide range of topics to read about and enjoy from recycling and climate change, Green Tea, food markets to homemade banana bread… plenty to get your teeth into…enjoy.

Retired? No one told me!

Welcome it is a lovely sunny morning here…listening to the sound of drilling…Everyone around here is in D.I.Y mode methinks…I thought Sunday mornings were a quiet time so that one could reflect on the past week and what was planned for the coming week…Earplugs where are you???

I have wrapped up this week posts for you to enjoy…Green tea called for methinks…Let’s chill out with our favourite cuppa plus(earplugs) for moi….. Pam from Butterfly Sand shared her morning tea with us…A cup of Cream of Avalon which is a blend of caramel, vanilla bergamot and citrus sounds like one I would love to try…

Monday…Recycling and Climate Change…

I try to find as much good news and practises as I can…we cannot ignore the extremes of weather that some of you are experiencing some is of course nature which is always changing as the world goes through its cycles of…

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