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The first post is from Jan Sikes who explores the world of angels. I am pretty sure that I have a guardian angel… some people might call it ‘gut instinct’ but I think it is more a solid tap on the shoulder, that has stopped me doing some very stupid things… how about you?

Do Angels really help us?

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First, let me give a disclaimer. This is NOT a religious-based post. It is purely personal thoughts, speculation and experience!

The idea of Angels that watch over us, nudge us, protect us and encourage us is comforting. But is it real or imagined?

I took an Angel Connection boot camp a couple of years ago, and some of the things I learned really stayed with me.

  1. Angels can never interfere with our free will.
  2. It is important to ask for their ideas, support and encouragement when we need it.
  3. Connecting to your Angels is a part of your birthright.
  4. Our Angels can’t tell us what to do but they can inspire us toward a direction.
  5. High vibrations such as feeling joy and peace, make it easier to connect to the Angelic realm.
  6. Angels have special designations such as Archangel Michael is known as the protector while Archangel Raphael is the healing angel, etc.
  7. Angels are emissaries of the Divine Mind.
  8. Angels have been trusted with the mysteries of our Universe from the God Head.
  9. There are Angelic Alphabets. If you want to specifically petition an Angel for help, you can try using one of these alphabets to write out your petition or prayer. And yes, there are certain Angels associated with the different alphabets, but that would take an entire post to cover.

Head over to discover more about the Angelic Alphabets, angels and our astrological signs and how they may communicate with us: Do Angels really help us? Jan Sikes

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The next post is from Olga Nunez Miret who gets to the heart of a book in her reviews. 

Hi all: I bring you the third book by an author I’ve followed from the beginning of her career.

The Other People by C. J. Tudor

The chilling new novel from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Chalk Man & The Taking of Annie Thorne

‘C. J. Tudor has done it again. A mesmerizingly chilling and atmospheric page-turner’ J.P. Delaney, bestselling author of The Girl Before

She sleeps, a pale girl in a white room . . .

Driving home one night, stuck behind a rusty old car, Gabe sees a little girl’s face appear in the rear window.

She mouths one word: ‘Daddy.’

It’s his five-year-old daughter, Izzy.

He never sees her again.

Three years later, Gabe spends his days and nights travelling up and down the motorway, searching for the car that took his daughter, refusing to give up hope, even though most people believe that Izzy is dead.

Fran and her daughter, Alice, also put in a lot of miles on the motorway. Not searching. But running. Trying to keep one step ahead of the people who want to hurt them.

Because Fran knows the truth. She knows what really happened to Gabe’s daughter. She knows who is responsible. And she knows what they will do if they ever catch up with her and Alice . . .

Head over to read more about the book and Olga’s review : Olga Nunez Miret reviews The Other People by C.J. Tudor

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Now a head scratching (don’t worry you won’t need lotion) post from the pen of Mae Clair, who explores the Mandela Effect…not sure what that is then head over to read Mae’s fascinating post.

Wednesday Weirdness: A Missing Photo and the Mandela Effect

pathway between large, gnarled trees with words "on the a path of Wednesday Weirdness" superimposed over image

Today’s Wednesday Weirdness piggybacks off last week’s post about Thunderbirds, and the disappearance of a Pennsylvania farmhand named Tom Eggleton. If you missed it, you can find it HERE. Many of the townspeople where Tom lived were convinced he’d been carried off by a Thunderbird. Why?

Perhaps they’d seen a photo supposedly circulated in 1890. I say supposedly, because no one—up to the present time—has been able to find the photograph despite thousands of people who remember seeing it, and numerous publications which insist they published it.

If you’re scratching your head, let me backtrack.

In April 1890, two Arizona cowboys (or prospectors, depending on who is doing the telling) shot and killed a pterodactyl-like creature. The enormous bird was featherless with smooth skin, a head like an alligator, and a wingspan of one-hundred, sixty feet. The two men loaded the creature into a wagon and hauled it into Tombstone, where it was nailed, wings outspread, across the entire length of a barn.

The Tombstone Gazette ran an article about the incident on April 26, 1890. No photo.

Head over and discover more about this intriguing myster and the possible cause: Missing Photo and Mandela Effect

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Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to read these posts in full..thanks Sally.

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  1. Hi, Sally. Wow, what a wonderful surprise to discover my Wednesday Weirdness post here. Thank you for including it with Jan’s great angel post (I’ve read that one) and Olga’s review of C.J. Tudor’s book. I read The Chalk Man and didn’t realize Tudor had a new release out. Sounds like I should check it out. And, of course, I love Jan’s work and must discover Olga’s!
    Wishing you, Jan, Olga, and your readers a fabulous day!

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