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Delighted to welcome Joyce Murphy to the Cafe with here debut poetry collection Inner Rumblings: Poems to Give My Inner Self a Voice, the Self I Call Joycie Reilly

About the collection

Inner Rumblings is a collection of poems about life, about courage, and about emotion. Whether you are looking for the courage to keep going when your heart is breaking, the inspiration to follow your dreams or a feeling of ‘someone else has been here too,’ these poems offer an open invitation to share joys, struggles, loves and pain with you.

The poems are expressed through Joycie Reilly, the name the author gives to her inner self – the self that speaks honestly about her battles with social anxiety and self-approval – the self that is searching for acceptance in a cold and turbulent world.

But despite her struggles, Joycie Reilly continues her journey through life, experiencing feelings of great happiness and great pain along the way. And her hope for you the reader is this, that in knowing her journey, you may better come to understand your own.

The book is divided into 10 lifecycles – each lifecycle presenting a separate set of poems relevant to the age and circumstances of the author. The lifecycles span over a 30 year period beginning with Early Teens and ending with Coming Home.

One of the early reviews for the collection

A whirlwind of emotion as Joycie exposes a life of feeling inadequate and uncomfortably conspicuous to a time she finds strength in her own ability and lifts her soul with love found, to be thrown into turmoil again with heart wrenching loss. Her poems speak in the voice of churning magma boiling to reach the surface.

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About Joyce Murphy

I have been a scribbler all my life. We didn’t have money for writing paper in my house so I scribbled stories and poems on anything I could get my hands on. Wherever scribbling material was to be found, I wrote on it. This included between the lines of my Enid Blyton books, the white top and bottom margins of my parent’s ‘Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Coat’ program, bits of copybook paper and even blank pages torn from other books.

The storyteller in me also found voice in play – play that to my Mother’s dismay, involved taking down ashtrays, combs, pens and plugs onto the floor and transforming these ordinary appliances into kings and queens and witches and wizards that lived in lands made of ice-cream and honey. I can never remember feeling deprived at my lack of toys but then having an amazing imaginary land to visit whenever I pleased, more than made up for it.

The poems found in my book, ‘Inner Rumblings,’ were written on small pieces of paper, torn out copybook pages and even on blank pages at the end of my biology book – lack of paper was never going to stop my urge to write.

The later poems were typed on my laptop but only after I had scribbled them into a notebook. Pen and paper has always been my method of choice for poems, it is the only way I can translate my emotions onto the page and I stick to it even today. Stories I type – stories are different and writing my new fantasy book creates a space for time to be spirited away as I lose myself in hours of writing.

I wonder if it was the excitement and pleasure of my childhood, that made early teens so tough for me – the adult world held none of the wonder of the childhood one and I was brought there kicking and screaming – a world where poems were the only outlet for the inner me – the me that was trapped and unable to get out.

The mysterious calling of the book ‘Inner Rumblings’ and the poems inside it’s pages is of a wolf child who longs to be free, to dance in the rain, make faces and play, not caring about what anyone thinks of her. One day I hope to find peace and let her be free again.

I live in the South East of Ireland, with my husband Pat. I love taking long isolated walks along the cliffs and watching the movement of the waves. It is on one such walk that I found the inspiration for the name of this book.

My goal is to help other writers to find their own unique creative voice. And to this end I am running Creative Voice Workshops where authors and poets can discover their own inner artist. I am a self-published author and a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors.

Connect to Joyce Murphy

Website: Joycie Reilly
Blog: Joycie Reilly Poetry
Twitter: @JoycieReilly
Facebook: Joyce Murphy
LinkedIn: Joyce Murphy

Thank you for dropping in today and it would be great if you could share the news of Joyce’s new collection.. and also follow her on social media. Thanks Sally.

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