Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #Format Your Picture Book Paperback for #Amazon by Jo Robinson

Jo Robinson has another new book available which is a guide to formatting your picture book paperback interior for Amazon. Amazon has made some changes to their requirements on a regular basis over the last year and it can be confusing without some expert guidance.

About the book

This little book shows you how to format an interior book file specifically for a picture book paperback. It uses open source software which is all completely free, so there are no hidden costs for purchases of fancy and expensive programmes. A simple step by step guide from creating individual page images to putting it all together as a top quality print specific PDF file to upload without stress to yourself or your pocket.

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A selection of other books by Jo Robinson

One of the reviews for African Me and Satellite TV by Kevin Cooper

A truly remarkable and beautiful story. I was drawn to this book because my great aunt lived in Zimbabwe for may years. I had heard some tales form her in person. Reading this book really gave me some more insight as to the goings on in Zimbabwe around the same time. I don’t want to give away too much away. The story is really about suzette and how her gardener, Christopher see her for the great person the she really is. She is totally oblivious to Christopher’s modest interest in her until the Sherman’s arrive and disrupt life as she knows it.

The Sherman’s are hateful and deeply racist and are the kind of people that you don’t want to mess with. They are capable of anything. After beating their maid, a fragile old woman (who is treated more like a slave) they leave her for dead at the side of a road. Christopher finds her and brings her to the Hertzog’s. Suzette takes her in and makes her part of the family…it is then that she begins to get to know Christopher better. But the Sherman’s are not happy with Suzette caring for “their” maid and decide to exact revenge for the interference. Twisting things to make it look like suzette is in the wrong. Things turn from nasty to evil for suzette and her household and, if you will allow,the plot thickens.

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About Jo Robinson

Jo Robinson currently resides in her homeland, South Africa, after having lived in rural Zimbabwe for many years. Her obsessive affection for the African continent, most humans, and all creatures feathered and furred are what inspire her writing. Her stories are mostly about people, and the sometimes dark twists that life takes. She also writes science fiction/fantasy, humour, and horror, not being one to restrict herself.

Find out more about Jo’s author services: Indie Author Services

Connect to Jo

Blog: African Colonial Stories
Facebook: Jo Robinson
Twitter: @jorobinson176

Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to discover more about Jo’s new book.. thanks Sally.

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  2. How timely. I’ve been thinking of self-publishing the Pond People story I’m serialising on my blog with pictures painted by my grandson (he doesn’t know yet). this is just what I need. Thanks for sharing.

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