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Welcome to the Friday edition of the Cafe update with recent reviews for authors on the shelves.

The first author is Deanie Humphrys Dunne with a recent review for A Tractor Named Wilbur – Illustrations by Holly Humphrys -Bajaj

About the book

WILBUR is a small, shy tractor. He loves cutting the grass for Jim. But what happens when he must find a new home? Will Jim still be his friend? Who will the new owner be? WILBUR would love for you to take him home and read about his adventure. A Tractor Named Wilbur is the first in a fun series coming your way!

A recent review for the book

Kindle Customer 5.0 out of 5 stars A wonderful picture book for kids!  Reviewed in the United States on January 10, 2020
Children will love this adorable book! Wilbur is a wonderful character for teaching kids the importance of going with the flow. Changes can some times be a little scary when you’re a kid, but Wilbur manages to see the possibilities of a new experience. Excellent message for kids and the illustrations are perfect.
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A selection of books by Deanie Humphrys-Dunne

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The next author is Deboray Jay with a review for The Prince’s Son: The Five Kingdoms: Book Two

About the book

This epic fantasy can be read as a stand alone story. Nessa Haddo has been raised to pursue what every young noblewoman needs: a suitable husband. Unfortunately for her, as a younger twin, her prospects are limited. Things start to look up when she lays eyes on the handsome foreign envoy sent to escort her sister to an arranged marriage, but her romantic fantasies quickly entangle her in events beyond her darkest nightmares. Compared to his last mission, ex-spy Rustam Chalice’s new assignment sounds simple: wrangle an unwieldy bridal caravan across a mountain range populated by bandits, trolls, werecats, and worse, try to cajole a traumatized princess out of her self-imposed isolation, and arrive on time for the politically sensitive wedding. What could possibly go wrong? Meanwhile, Lady Risada—the woman who haunts Rustam’s dreams—is struggling to adjust to a normal life. All her carefully honed assassin’s instincts scream warnings of foul play, yet she can find nothing obviously amiss. And deep in the halls of a mountain clan, an old enemy plucks his victims’ strings with expert malice.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Jan 13, 2020 Julia Smith rated it really liked it Fast-paced adventure!

Exciting and suspenseful, this book juxtaposes the beautiful and the horrific. A note: it does contain graphic violence against women (and men) and some sexual violence. Sooo, probably not for your 12 year old. This is the second in this series, and I’ve already purchased the third, so bye! Gotta go read it!

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Also by Deborah Jay

A selection of other books by Deborah Jay

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The next author is Andrew Joyce with a recent review for Mahoney

About Mahoney

In this compelling, richly researched novel, author Andrew Joyce tells a story of determination and grit as the Mahoney clan fights to gain a foothold in America. From the first page to the last, fans of Edward Rutherford and W. Michael Gear will enjoy this riveting, historically accurate tale of adventure, endurance, and hope.

In the second year of An Gorta Mhór—the Great Famine—nineteen-year-old Devin Mahoney lies on the dirt floor of his small, dark cabin. He has not eaten in five days. His only hope of survival is to get to America, the land of milk and honey. After surviving disease and storms at sea that decimate crew and passengers alike, Devin’s ship limps into New York Harbor three days before Christmas, 1849. Thus starts an epic journey that will take him and his descendants through one hundred and fourteen years of American history, including the Civil War, the Wild West, and the Great Depression.

One of the recent reviews for the book

Reviewed in the United States on February 26, 2020

I loved the stories – and this is, in fact more of a trilogy of three generations of Mahoneys. A story full of struggle, success, losing it all, and redemption. One item that sort of bothered me, but did not detract from the story, was the depiction the frontier lawmen Luke Short and Heck Thomas as cold-blooded killer outlaws, when in fact, they were as honorable and courageous as their better-known contemporaries Bat Masterson and Wyatt Earp – or maybe Joyce just liked the names… That being said, I did enjoy reading this, and will seek more stories by this author.

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Also by Andrew Joyce

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And the final author today is Jane Risdon with a review for her collection Undercover: Crime Shorts.

About the book

Under one cover for the first time a collection of Crime Shorts from Jane Risdon featuring previously unpublished stories which will have you on the edge of your seat. There is an extract from Jane’s forthcoming novel (series) Ms Birdsong Investigates Murder at Ampney Parva: Operation Matryoshka – with the title of Undercover – for those who’ve been awaiting this series about a former MI5 Intelligence Office, Lavinia Birdsong. There’s something for everyone who enjoys a good yarn and more twists and turns than Spaghetti Junction.

One of the recent reviews for the collection on Goodreads

Feb 14, 2020 J.P. Willson rated it Four Stars

An eclectic collection of sinister scenarios…
See what I did there?
Seriously though, albeit short, a very good collection of stories that will leave you guessing through till the end.
Well worth a look.

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And: Amazon US

Also by Jane Risdon

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And: Amazon US

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Thank you for dropping in today and I hope you will be leaving with some books under your arm… thanks Sally.

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  2. Wow, Sally, thanks so much for including me and Undercover: Crime Shorts with such amazing authors and their books. Chuffed and so thankful. You rock. It means tons. I have not seen the review you shared, and I shall pop over now and thank the reviewer. Cool. xx

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