Rodgers and Hammerstein, My Mother, and Me

Something to brighten your weekend. A post from Jennie Fitzkee on the significance that musicals have in her life, especially Rodgers and Hammerstein… A lovely post with the wonderful You’ll Never Walk Alone… head over and share you memories of the magical age of musicals with Jennie….

A Teacher's Reflections

It was my tenth birthday.  Ten was the age when we graduated from birthday parties with paper hats and streamers and playing ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’. For my birthday I had the choice of taking three friends to Camden Park, an amusement park, or taking one friend to see Oklahoma on stage.  I picked Oklahoma.  I chose wisely.

I never knew music could be so wonderful.  I was swept away.  Suddenly music was more than a song.  It made me want to dance, spread my arms wide, and sing out loud.  It had feeling.  It opened the whole world wide.

Thank you, Rodgers and Hammerstein.  They brought to music what Charles Dickens brought to literature – real people, and a sense of understanding.

Many weekends I spent with my good friend Kirk, who also loved musicals.  We played Rodgers and Hammerstein record albums, dressed up in costumes…

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23 thoughts on “Rodgers and Hammerstein, My Mother, and Me

  1. A friend and former kindergarten teacher reminded me that she started her first week of school singing “Getting to Know You” to her students in order to make a connection. Brilliant!! I will definitely be doing that!

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