The amazing Eva Ibbotson – book reviews

Three lovely children’s adventure books by Eva Ibbotson reviewed by Robbie Cheadle and if you are looking for a new series to introduce to your children or grandchildren, these look amazing.

Robbie's inspiration

One of my favourite childhood authors is Eva Ibbotson. She has written a vast number of paranormal fantasy books for children, many of which I read as a young girl. When my sons were younger I tracked down her books and read many of them aloud to my boys. I also bought Michael a number of her children’s books in audio format so that he could listen to them during his lengthily bouts of illness.

I still enjoy her stories and my family will listen to a couple of her books in audio format when we travel. Here are some of the reviews of Eva Ibbotson’s books I wrote during 2019:

The great ghost rescue

The Great Ghost Rescue by Eva Ibbotson

The ghosts of Britain are struggling. Their haunts are being turned into spas and air conditioned luxury mansions and the wonderful ancient features that make their homes feel like home are disappearing rapidly. The ghosts…

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