Guide to Guides PLUS #BookReview of MARRIAGE UNARRANGED by @RituBhathal #humor #travel #India

If you are planning on a trip to India then this is a must read by Barb Taub.. and also another wonderful review of Ritu Bhathal’s new book Marriage Unarranged that I have just read and enjoyed… here is a snippet and I recommend that you head over and enjoy the entire posts and read the review.

Guide to Guides PLUS #BookReview of MARRIAGE UNARRANGED by @RituBhathal #humor #travel #India


Three different sets of friends asked me recently about visiting India. A neighbor asked for recommendations for an upcoming trip. And a blog-friend published her debut novel, a romcom set in India. Coincidence? Or the Universe reminding me that I’d promised to write up the trip I take in India each year with travel buddies Janine and Jaya, and I’m five books behind schedule? Here’s an excerpt from our (upcoming?) travel memoir, Do Not Ask For Extra Glass. (And no, Terry Tyler, I haven’t actually finished it yet. But I’m getting close!)

To Guide or Not to Guide?

When people ask me about traveling to India, our conversation often goes something like this:

Person: Could I come on your next trip?

Me: We only travel with people who saw us in our underwear 40 years ago.

Person: Then could you recommend a good tour guide?

Me: Um… What were you doing 40 years ago and what underwear did you do it in?

If you hire a car and driver in India, one of the unspoken-but-expected givens is that your driver will supplement his relatively-tiny wage with under the table gifts from the restaurants, shops, and attractions he steers you toward. Since your driver most likely knows good places and is also looking for your recommendations and repeat business, this actually works out quite well. Most of the time. Unless we’re talking about hiring guides.


Head over to enjoy this informative and colourful post as the review for Ritu Bhathal’s book.

via Guide to Guides PLUS #BookReview of MARRIAGE UNARRANGED by @RituBhathal #humor #travel #India

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