MarySmith’sPlace – Afghan Adventures #26 Truck travel

As always a brilliantly descriptive post from Mary Smith about her adventures during the years she worked in Afghanistan.. wow.. she has serious fortitude…

MarySmith’sPlace – Afghan Adventures #26 Truck travel

By the time we reached Naoor the landscape had changed. Gone were the jagged rocks and boulders and rugged mountains of Jaghoray, replaced by sandy desert. Sayed drove along tracks made by other trucks; tracks which zigzagged across the plain in a bewildering manner. Everything was bleached and dry, the only patch of colour the hazy blue of a lake, at the foot of a distant line of mountains on the far horizon.

IMG_0032 (Custom)

Bellowing to make myself heard above the noise of the music I asked the name of the lake.  Sayed gave a chuckle, the only sound of humour I had heard from him so far, and bellowed back, ‘No water there.’

Did he mean it was a mirage? Not having the vocabulary to ask, I gazed at the strip of blue, wondering if I was being teased. Sayed suddenly, with a surprised exclamation, pulled the truck to a stop. When the dirty, dusty, bleeding face of Khudadad rose to the level of the cab door and grinned toothily at me I wondered briefly if this was another mirage. He launched into voluble explanations in Dari, occasionally interrupting himself to say, in English, ‘I am sorry sister, very sorry.’


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9 thoughts on “MarySmith’sPlace – Afghan Adventures #26 Truck travel

  1. Love the series too, but i have to start reading the book. Mary’s experiences are so unique, and i think one can learn so much about Afghanistan and the culture. More than studying all the very theoretic information about. Thank you for sharing, Sally!

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