Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #SteamPunk – The Sensaurum and the Lexis.: A Steampunk adventure. (The Orphan Detectives Book 1) by Richard Dee

Congratulations to Richard Dee on the upcoming release of his latest book on pre-order for 26th March The Sensaurum and the Lexis.: A Steampunk adventure. (The Orphan Detectives Book 1)

About the book

Is Jackson Thwaite ready to discover the secret of Makewright Orphanage?

Although he doesn’t know it, he has been selected to be part of something vital to the land of his birth.

Norlandia is a country under threat, as never before. The old heroes are but a memory, while evil forces gather, seeking power. They are armed with the latest devices that perverted science has devised. Control of Norlandia and everyone in it is their ultimate aim.

Who will stand in their way?

Under the command of the mysterious Mortimer Langdon, all that stands between civilisation and anarchy are Jackson and the rest of The Orphan Detectives.

“A fantastical world filled with gears, pneumatics, airships, and intrigue aplenty that kept everyone on their toes. It has that rare ability to pull you deep into the story even when things are building and moving slowly, you sit down to read for a few minutes and all of a sudden; its hours later!

Richard’s latest offering is a steampunk delight. His plot twists keep the pace moving speedily and yet there are fragile human moments interspersed throughout. The action is presented realistically, with a side helping of serious Victorian common sense maintaining its stiff upper lip. I chuckled at a few hidden gems of wit in unexpected places, delightfully reminding me of Sir Terry Pratchett’s pithy style of prose. This is definitely a page-turner where the mundane world as we know it, has been turned quite solidly on its head and presented from a delicious new viewpoint. “Lene Pieters

Head over to buy the book at the pre-order price £2.99: Amazon UK

And at $3.83: Amazon US

A small selection of  other books by Richard Dee

My review for The Shirt

S. G. Cronin4.0 out of 5 stars Your charity shop buy might have secrets. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 1 February 2020

As someone who has both donated clothes and other household items and books to charity shops, and bought some items too, I have often wondered about the previous owner of a leather jacket, well-thumbed book or a handbag. This story fed directly into that line of thinking and took my imagination to an all new level.

It can be tough to create a short story that has the time to explore a concept effectively but Richard Dee has done just that. Well crafted, with interesting characters and good plot.

It is a murder mystery with a difference; a witness who cannot share what happened and has to rely on others to get the message across.

A quick read at 25 pages, but they are packed with great storytelling. It will certainly make that cup of coffee or tea much more interesting.

Read the reviews and buy the books: Amazon US

And: Amazon UK

Read more reviews and follow Richard: Goodreads

About Richard Dee

Richard Dee is a native of Brixham in Devon, England He left Devon when he was in his teens and settled in Kent. Leaving school at 16 he briefly worked in a supermarket, then went to sea and travelled the world in the Merchant Navy, qualifying as a Master Mariner in 1986.

Coming ashore to be with his growing family, he used his sea-going knowledge in several jobs, including Marine Insurance Surveyor and Dockmaster at Tilbury, before becoming a Port Control Officer in Sheerness and then at the Thames Barrier in Woolwich.

In 1994 he was head-hunted and offered a job as a Thames Estuary Pilot. In 1999 he transferred to the Thames River Pilots, where he regularly took vessels of all sizes through the Thames Barrier and upriver as far as HMS Belfast and through Tower Bridge. In all, he piloted over 3,500 vessels in a 22-year career with the Port of London Authority.

Richard is married with three adult children and two grandchildren.

His first science-fiction novel Freefall was published in 2013, followed by Ribbonworld in 2015. September 2016 saw the publication of his Steampunk adventure The Rocks of Aserol and of Flash Fiction, a collection of Short Stories. Myra, the prequel to Freefall was published in 2017, along with Andorra Pett and the Oort Cloud Café, a murder mystery set in space and the start of a series featuring Andorra Pett, an amateur detective. He contributed a story to the 1066 Turned Upside Down collection and is currently working on prequels, sequels, and new projects.

Connect to Richard

Website: Richard Dee’s Scifi
Facebook: Richard Dee Author
Twitter: @RichardDockett1

Thanks for dropping in today and I hope you will head over to take advantage of the pre-order price for this first book in The Orphan Detectives Series. Thanks Sally

19 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Cafe and Bookstore – New Book on the Shelves – #SteamPunk – The Sensaurum and the Lexis.: A Steampunk adventure. (The Orphan Detectives Book 1) by Richard Dee

  1. I’m sure my son Leon will be interested in Richard Dee’s steampunk novel. Last year he organised a Steampunk Anti-Fashion Show, promoting the use of quality clothing (as opposed to cheapo stuff) which can be re-cycled through charity shops or alteration. All the proceeds of the highly successful show went to ARCH, the horse rescue charity he is involved with.

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