Everything stops for tea…


Another very entertaining post from raconteur Joy Lennick, this time on the subject of Tea….. and the special moments she has enjoyed in up market establishments…

Everything stops for tea…


TEA: such a small word, the sound of which sums up just one letter of the English alphabet. And yet…what thoughts it ignites at certain times…For tea ‘aficionados’ shopping in the rain, they can’t wait for a cup of the reviving drink, or conversely, after gardening in the hot sun and, for the passionate, it is almost the elixir of life! My late dad was an avid consumer, always eager for a second cup. (Hope there’s a generous tea urn up there, Pop!)

As for the folk lore of the humble leaf, it is said that the Chinese emperor, around 2,737 BC, was drinking boiled water when leaves from a nearby tree fell into his drinking vessel. It was, thereafter, consumed by the Chinese and recorded in the Shang dynasty. The popular drink has since been linked, now and then, to a rich, sometimes macabre, heritage of superstition and stories. But they’re tales for another time. (Eerie sounds coming from the wings…)

488px-Cutty_Sark_(ship,_1869)Tea first appeared in Coffee Houses in London in the late 17th century via its introduction by the Dutch and Portuguese sailors; it was often smuggled from Amsterdam. The first tea shop opened in 1657 and gathered popularity when Charles II married Portuguese Catherine of Braganza and it was introduced to the Court. After the formation of The British East India Trade Company in Macao, tea became more accessible to the hoi poloi, and was accepted as the national drink in 1750.





Head over and enjoy the rest of this entertaining post from Joy.


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22 thoughts on “Everything stops for tea…

  1. I never had much interest in tea for fifty years, but now I frequently chose it over coffee. So many interesting flavors and spices to choose from.

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  2. Not traditional tea or coffee drinker, unlike hubby…Its a milk think with me… however, I do love my Oolong tea…I can also imagine the order of the day in many homes now being another cuppa 🙂 x Stay safe ladies and gents 🙂 x

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