Striking the right note…

A lovely post from Jessica Norrie who has been absent for some time following her second glaucoma operation (that she is recovering from very well) She shares two books that she has read including a very interesting one that reveals some surprising statistics…Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez and also shares some of her worthwhile pastimes now that she is in seclusion… which I have decided to use instead of isolation. An entertaining read as always.. please head over to enjoy. thanks Sally.

Words and Fictions

I’ve heard there’s this nasty bug going around… No, that’s too trivialising. EVERYONE’S GOING TO DIE! Alarmist, untrue. All things must pass: cliched but almost certainly correct. How are you all, blog followers (unless you’ve dropped out for which I wouldn’t blame you)? I haven’t posted for months, partly due to a second glaucoma operation (fitted in just in time) and partly now due to, well, this bug that’s going around. It’s high time I checked you’re all ok out there, and shared some positives from how I’m passing the locked down time.

This is normally a books and writing blog. books for blog 2Reading does help, it’s true. I’ve finished the latest Philip Pullman – very entertaining, very dark, perhaps a few too many meetings of the Magisterium to hold my interest and I’m not sure he’s quite as secure writing the young woman Lyra as he was writing the…

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1 thought on “Striking the right note…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing Sally. I do feel a bit guilty sometimes for quite enjoying this “seclusion” and also recognise it’s much easier when you’re already working from home. Nonetheless even for the most sanguine of us there are up days and down days, so I do wish all your readers more of the former. Take care x

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