Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives #Family and #Friends – Brotherly Love by Jane Sturgeon

Welcome to the new posts from your archives with a theme of family and friends. Very important as our support system at the moment as many of us are isolated and out of physical touch. If you would like details on how to participate here is the link: Posts from Your Archives April 2020 Family and Friends

Author Jane Sturgeon starts the series with a lovely post sharing her own bond with her brother and that between his two small sons.

Brotherly Love

Tom and Jasper with love

My brother sent this picture of his two youngest sons Tom and Jasper, and with his blessing I am sharing it here.

I was seven and my sister five when our baby brother joined us. Mum says that I was delighted that her and Dad had brought a real, live dolly into our home.

I loved him from the first second and our bond has always been a strong one. Jon and I have a loving understanding that goes beyond words and although there have been years when we have been thousands of miles apart, our loving song never falters. His wisdom has caught me on a fair few occasions and our loving honesty and support for each other has been a constant grace.

Jon and Jojo are very creative and engaging parents and both boys have been articulate from a young age. Tom called on his recent birthday and we were having a lovely chat about his presents. Mid-stream he was telling me about some Doctor Who collectables he had been given and Jasper piped up in the background. Tom with practised wisdom passed the phone over to his younger brother and this is what followed…..

Jasper ‘Hello Jane, they are rreeeeeaaalllly scary’
Me ‘What’s scary Darling’
Jasper ‘Tom’s presents, they are rreeeeaaalllly scary’
Me ‘Are they? Which one’s Darling?’
Jasper ‘The Daleks, they are rreeeeeeaaalllly, rreeeeeaaalllly scary’

He handed the phone back to his brother muttering how rreeeeeaaallly scary they were.

Tom and I were giggling so hard it was tricky to finish the call properly. With luck, and some planning, I will get a pet care/house sit on The Isle of Wight so I can see and cuddle them all.

These two little boys are having a wonderful upbringing surrounded by love from all the generations and family ties. Our wish for them is to always have the special bond they share, as the love of my brother is a precious gift for me.

©Jane Sturgeon

About the book

Each one of us holds stories about ourselves and these drive our lives. Thoughts are attached to emotions and actions spring from how we feel. Old stories can be re-written, new stories can be crafted and discoveries are made along the way. It is the tapestry of life and yes, you can weave with whatever threads you choose. Loving support, fresh perspectives and new life tools can make all the difference.

A recent review for the book

Brigid P. Gallagher 5.0 out of 5 stars Words that Radiate a Beautiful Inner Wisdom  Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 14 February 2020

Jane Sturgeon hopes her readers will “dip in and out as you need” and that her first book “gifts you a peaceful place to rest, reflect and find more self acceptance.”

She shares experiences from her life – unique moments of tenderness, the joy of Nature, of her two marriages, lessons on perfectionism, instinct, getting hijacked, staying small…
She has a beautiful gift for words. I particularly liked her creative writing exercise on sea glass:

“Because I am like sea glass; never perfect, never finished, and I have lived in so many places across the world that I have no roots. I carry my home in my heart. “

Although short in length, Jane’s book is not short on wisdom. It is indeed perfect for dipping in and out as you need.

Head over and buy the book: Amazon UK

And Amazon US: Amazon US

Read more reviews and follow Jane: Goodreads

About Jane Sturgeon

Jane Sturgeon has been a systems analyst, trainer, technical author, painter, psychic medium, furniture restorer, de-clutterer and life support coach. She has lived in Africa and The States, looked after many farms, loved through two marriages, is Mum to an extraordinary young woman and loves making things. She lives next to the Mersey River where it meets the Irish Sea and shares her life with loved ones and an impressive collection of yarn.

Self-awareness is the first book in her Writing on Water series.

Connect to Jane

Amazon Author Page: Amazon UK
Blog: Jane Sturgeon WordPress
Facebook: Jane Sturgeon
Twitter: @JaneSturgeon3

Thanks to Jane for her lovely post, and if you would like to share stories about your own family or friends, I would love to post them. Posts from Your Archives April 2020 Family and Friends

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