Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – April 5th – 11th Easter Parade, Art Deco Roses, Life on the Ocean Wave, #Waterford 1920s.

Welcome to the weekly round up of posts on Smorgasbord that you might have missed this week.

Happy Easter every one.….Not one that we expected to be spending in isolation from the rest of the world when we made our plans for 2020, but it is still a time for family and friends. I know for those who are living on their own, it is far more difficult, especially if separated from children and grandchildren, but we have to recognise that until there is a vaccine and the virus has gone back under whichever rock it crawled out from…. these measures are saving our lives.

We have had our lock down extended to May 7th and hopefully that will be sufficient to decrease the number of infected and deaths. We are very lucky in Ireland in as much as the population is small enough to put restrictions in place and maintain them. I do feel sorry for those who are living in the cities, especially in apartments without access to the outside and it has certainly impacted our position on our next move. That is on hold now indefinitely and we realise that we have everything that we need here, even if it is a little bit too big for the two of us. So we are going to enjoy the renovations inside and in the garden and be grateful that we have the outside to enjoy.

I hope that despite the separation from those you love that you are taking full advantage of the technology and being able to talk face to face. I speak to my two sisters by Skype during the week and they talk to each other everyday too. It does make such a difference seeing someone’s face rather than on the telephone, and if you have not got one of the video applications on your computer or phone here are some links.

Skype Online

Facetime for Apple

Whatsapp video

Anyway… on with the posts from the week.

My thanks as always to regular contributors and guests who provide interesting and entertaining posts for the blog, offering me a chance to enjoy their hard work as well. And also to you for coming by, sharing and for commenting.

The first of the Easter parades this weekend with guests who share photographs from the 1960s through to the 1980s and select a song that brings back memories of that era…such as this one, In My Life by The Beatles.. chosen by Diana Wallace Peach.  I hope you will pop in and leave your links in the comments… thanks Sally.

The first of the Easter Parades with guests Annette Rochelle Aben, Darlene Foster, Toni Pike, D. Wallace Peach and Elizabeth Gauffreau

Guest Writer – Robbie Cheadle – How to make Art Deco Fondant Roses

The first chapter of my father’s memoirs about his time in the Royal Navy

Life on the Ocean Wave by Eric Coleman

The first chapter of my father-in-law’s memoir The Colour of Life published in 2005.

The Colour of Life – Waterford 1920s by Geoff Cronin

Letters from America 1985-1987 – Adventures in the USA – Birthday, New Car, Galverston and Houston Zo

I’ve Had the Time of my Life from Dirty Dancing

Butterfly Cinquain – Springtime

#GreatDanes Joyful Trouble by Patrica Furstenberg

Thriller – Deep Cover by John L. DeBoer

#Childrens Island Spide by Paul Noel

#Fantasy A.J. Alexander, #Family Judith Barrow, #Romance Ritu Bhathal

#Thriller John W. Howell, #Shortstories Karen Ingalls, #Thriller Iain Kelly

#Supernatural Mae Clair, #Poetry Balroop Singh, #Children’s Janice Spina

Sunday Sayings – #Differences and Reality TV by Amanda -Something to Ponder About

#Caribbean – Directionally Challenged! by Apple Gidley

Orthodox #Easter Eggs, folktales, symbolism, traditions #culture #history by Patricia Furstenberg


Food Therapy – Brown Rice so much more than just a grain

Tom and Jasper with love

#Family and #Friends – Brotherly Love by Jane Sturgeon

Family and Friends – Chess by Stevie Turner

More funnies from D. G. Kaye and some new material from Sally

More funnies from D.G. Kaye and a joke or two from Sally.

More seclusion humour from the senior team and some ABBA

Thank you so much for all your support and I hope to see you again next week.. Happy Easter, stay safe and hugs Sally.

28 thoughts on “Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – April 5th – 11th Easter Parade, Art Deco Roses, Life on the Ocean Wave, #Waterford 1920s.

  1. Another great week, Sally! Zoom is a good platform to connect to a group of people in different locations (it’s what we use for online classes at school). Although there had been some concerns with safety, it seems those have been solved with the update. Just in case anybody wants to have a family get together.
    Keep safe!

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