Cypriot ladies’ fingers…

A wonderful master class in Cypriot cookery from the team at Eat Dessert First.. a step by step guide to making Cypriot Ladies Fingers, a sweet treat but also the history and some of the specialities from this rich and vibrant culture.  I hope you will head over to enjoy this comprehensive and very interesting post. Thanks Sally.

Staying home doesn’t mean that we can’t travel too… Not by car, ship or plane of course… But with our minds! So, pack your bags and let’s go to our beloved Cyprus!

In our trip we will enjoy yummy ladies’ fingers (daktyla), made by Mr. George the Cypriot! Or do they maybe look more like little feet??

In search of our next fasting recipe, we thought that we haven’t yet looked into the traditional sweets of our Cyprus. We asked Mr. George the Cypriot and he told us that one of the most famous and delicious fasting, Cypriot recipes are ladies’ fingers or daktyla in Greek. So, in our new sweet and savory article we take a mental, gastronomic trip to Cyprus, study its gastronomic tradition and learn how to make fasting ladies’ fingers (daktyla) by Mr. George the Cypriot.

Mr. George the Cypriot made traditional ladies’ fingers at his home…

Head over to find out more about Cypriot ingredients and cookery and how to make these delicious looking ladis fingers.

via Cypriot ladies’ fingers…

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