The small dog and the gardener…

These days it is always a good idea to go to bed with lovely words and images on your mind… to switch off the constant barrage of news and headlines and instead seek out the wisdom of a dog… specifically the very wise Ani who curates the activities of Sue Vincent…head over and be entertained and have your day brightened. thanks Sally

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

The grass had grown, was far too long,
My mower wouldn’t cope.
What if I trimmed it down a bit?
That might work. I could hope.

I got the trimmer all set up,
The dog would not go in,
Just stood there with a lolling tongue
And all-too-knowing grin.

“As if,” she seemed to say to me,
“You’ll manage on your own.
You need to buy a herd of goats…
You seen how long it’s grown?”

She had a point, ‘cause what with work,
And frost and rain and dew,
I couldn’t cut it when I should
And it just grew and grew.

And I’d already cleaned the pond,
The car and washed the floor,
But that was someone else’s house…
So, home to tackle more.

I fired up and got to work,
The trimmer slicing grass,
There’s green stuff flying everywhere
With every sweep and pass.

I’ve got the…

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