Bookplay – A wonderful word game using book titles of your print books – Courtesy of Jessica Norrie.

A brilliant book game from Jessica Norrie, using the titles of the print books you may have on your shelves…It involves reading the spines of the book across and you will get the idea from the first image.. There are many different ideas to inspire everyone’s creativity including children’s.. Please do head over and I am off to my book shelves to find something to share later.  Have fun.. thanks Jessica.


Of course I rushed off to see what I could come up with. I found myself immediately in sinister realms – by the way it helps if you add punctuation:

Some titles are easier to play with than others. Anything with that begins with “The” is tricky, but Invisible Women could have made multiple contributions, and I’m keeping an eye open for titles to go with, well, Keeping an Eye Open by Julian Barnes. You don’t have to stick to books you have in the house. Swipe a few covers from Goodreads and away you go. It’s surprising how often the final title could just as easily go at the beginning.

A different, easier game is to find as many titles as you can containing, say, colours, places or people’s names.


There are many more book title games to play that Jessica has illustrated and will keep you busy for hours…Please head over to find out more.

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46 thoughts on “Bookplay – A wonderful word game using book titles of your print books – Courtesy of Jessica Norrie.

  1. Thanks for reblogging Sally. i read somewhere that the original bookshelf idea came from a group of librarians and if I can find out who they are I’d love to credit them because they’ve given a lot of people a lot of enjoyment! have good weekend all.

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  2. So much fun and reminded me I did this a few years ago and posted it by stacking books with the spine showing the titles, creating a quote or poem. I just searched my posts for it, I can’t find it for the life of me in the search bar LOL. I’m losing the plot! But yes, this will be fun to do. ❤

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  3. I saw this earlier today and loved the uniqueness and creativity of the idea. It’s time to get another bookshelf as books are scattered around all over the house.

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